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Increased T3 (Update) for anyone interested to read

I just thought I'd share my experience with T4/T3 combi as I go along

As some of you will know Gp agreed to trial T3/T4 combi on advice from Endo.

My TSH was 0.2

Free T4 21 (top of range was 24 I think)

Free T3 4.1 (top of range 6.6)

I was told to drop my T4 from 175 to 100 and add in 2 x 10 of T3.

I am in the process of doing this gradually as I didn't want to drop the T4 so quickly.

I started by adding 5 of T3.

After a few days I reduced my T4 to 150 and added in 5 T3 twice per day

I have reduced T4 to 125 and added in 10 T3 am and 5 T3 PM

Next week I will drop T4 to 100 (or keep at 125, not too sure) and add in another 5 of T3 pm

At the moment I am seeing no signs of improvement from taking the T3 and actually feel worse. I have a constant fuzzy head and lethargic feeling.

I will post up again when I increase again if my symptoms start to change at all.

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I was on T4 and it had little impact over 3 years (lower levels than you). I took it up over time to 120 and my TSH was very low at this point with no improvement in symptoms (serious lethargy and poor mental capacity), so reverted to 100.

After research I persuaded a consultant to let me try T3 in combination. I got a significant improvement though not perfect. I had much sharper mental activity but still somewhat lethargic. I learned that in some people T4 can convert poorly to T3 and create Reverse T3 (rT3) which can block access of T3 to the cells.

I eventually persuaded him to let me try pure T3. It was like somebody turned the lights on! A month later I did a 3 day safari with my son in Africa including some 13 hour days in the back of the land-rover taking pictures and he could not believe my energy levels nor could I). I continue to be far better than before (90% normal). This is not the same for everyone and I am no specialist but it appears my chemistry is broken in the T4 to T3 conversion.

Your problem could be very different to mine but I thought it was worth mentioning my story. Its seems most are OK on T4 some do better on T4/T3 and a small minority need just the T3.


Thanks hun. Another GP at the practice prescribed me just T3 a few months ago and to stop my T4. I had very bad reaction and basically crashed. I couldn't function. My own GP agreed to the combi and spoke to an Endo rather than making me wait for a referral appointment. It is good to know that there is success out there and I am going to continue for the time being


I think that you are not getting enough t3. I was able to up mine with 10 mcg at a time and had no adverse reactions.

Jo xx


That's incredible T3sortedme! You really must have had a conversion problem right enough, and it's great you managed to persuade your doctor to let you try T3. I wonder though if more people than we think have conversion problems. Hence the poor results with many on T4 only.


tuf5ty I'm far from an expert but have been reading loads about T3 and NDT. Maybe the bad reaction was due to one or more of several crucial factors - you must have healthy and optimal iron levels, your cortisol levels must be good and B12. Also, multi dosing with T3 can really work well for some people - small quantities 3, 4 or 5 times per day for the first few weeks. If your cortisol levels are shot, there is a method which can help you a lot with that too. Much as I love my doctor, I have been trying to educate myself and there's so much you can do on your own. I'm completely self medicating now. IT's a roller coaster!


Thanks Daisybean,

I did private test for adrenals and they are in too bad a shape. My B12, Ferritin etc are all quite high. My folate was low a month ago so I am taking a good quality B Vitamin Complex with Magnesium. My Iron is within range but I alternate with spatone and a liquid iron formula. My Vitamin D was 71 which GP said was absolutely fine but I have read that it probably needs to be higher. I have purchase some vitamin D which I will begin taking this week. I have also read Paul Robinsons book. I am always up for suggestions and its really easy to miss the obvious when you are trying something new. There really isn't much literature out there about T3 so I suppose its all trial and error.

I am now sickening for a cold too. I have a really sore throat and my 2 years old has taken a regression in his sleeping habits so I suppose that won't help either.


When I went from T3/T4 combo to T3 only my symptoms were so much worse for 8 weeks, a completely exhausted and could hardly climb the stairs! I decided it must have been a T4 withdrawal or something! So I would suggest keep trying and record your symptoms daily, particularly basal temp and pulse and weight to see if there's any slight improvement.

Good luck, Mary


Marymary and tuf5ty was your iron and cortisol optimal? I say optimal as opposed to "within range" because that's where we need to be! I believe these ranges esp the B12 one - not sure about iron, as I've never been offered a full iron panel - are too wide. If you are just within the bottom of the range for B12 like I was, that's nowhere near optimal. A good B12 level is so hugely is folic acid. Top levels for both of these.

With my B12, I was just over the bottom rung of the ladder. Just a little below and I might have qualified for injections but my doc said "B12 is fine!" Mary I hope you are feeling better now. I read in P. Rob's book that it can take months rather than weeks to really get a handle on things. Hang in there! (that is what I'm saying to myself also)


I'm at a standstill now. No energy and really irritable and snappy. Im turning into a horrible person.

I'm going to stop and re evaluate.


Hello ! I wouldn't use the fact your snappy as a basis for your judgement,, even a small adjustment of Levo can do that for bit,, if i tried what your doing it would really upset me for while too. I've noticed a change in just changing pill packets before,, were very sensitive and were dealing in very small amounts of hormones... Don't be hard on yourself,, ;-)


T3 sorted me -how did you start off with your T3 and at what doses/increments - what is your maintenance dose - i have just been given t3 but am a bit worried about coming off 5 grains armour and starting on only 20mg T3 going up to 80 over 10 weeks - is this going to be enough and will I crash to start with?


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