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I know from the many posts on here that some people have thyroid unrelated conditions and was wondering if anyone could gave me any advice. I have lumber disc problems that are causing sciatica pain and bowel and bladder concern is that the pain is only apparent when i am standing or walking..will any nerve compression show on an mri as it is taken whilst laying down. I have had two other mri scans done before the sciatica pain and it showed no involvement with my bowels or bladder even though i am getting many symptoms which i beleive are due to nerve damage.


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  • There are a very few highly specialised MRI machines that can operate with the patient in unconventional positions such as sitting. Afraid that is about all I know so you will have to look for yourself or hope someone else jumps in here.


  • Hi yes the MRI will identify any nerve compression in lying down position. Bladder etc won't be diagnosed this way but you should get referral to Neurosurgeon ASAP if you feel bladder and bowels affected. I've been operated on 6 times for disc prolapsed and each time under a Neurosurgeon. You must get referred if bladder/bowel involvement as surgery often will be needed to relieve compression on nerve root and these symptoms will be alleviated. Good luck xx

  • Bpwel and bladder problems didnt show up on last mri which was over a year ago even though i was having symptoms of nerve damage. Hope itshows up this time..

  • I had a similar problem with L5 disc.. mri showed prolapse inwardly towards spine. doctor said that it could affect involuntary bowel or bladder movements.. however I went to a back care class and did pilates moves.. pilates was truly a miracle for me.. all my pain went away.. However in the last two years I haven't been well and doing no exercise at all, ive noticed that all my muscles feel weaker and back pain is sneaking back again.. and I am having problems with urgent trips to the loo.. I know that if I did pilates again.. everything wud improve. . So this might work for you. . Worth a try :)

  • Pilates was the miracle cure for me too. Until then I had had two epidural cortisone injections and was having a course of physiotherapy twice a year. Would have it course, go off in our camper for the summer and come back with my back in a terrible state and have to start physio all over again.

    My last physio ( must have been coming up for ten years ago) was a genius, she diagnosed a displaced pelvis, pushed and shoved it back into place, she gave me exercises which I did faithfully and recommended massage and Pilates which I also did. Now I just go to Pilates classes, practise at home and no more sciatica.

    My Pilates teacher is also a physiotherapist and that makes a big difference.

    I used to be able to stand in the shower washing my right leg and although I could see my hand with the sponge moving up and down I could feel nothing from my hip to my toes, very weird feeling.

    If you you are having bowel/ bladder problems you really must see someone ASAP as nerve damage cannot be undone.

  • They have mentioned the injections but are waiting until i have had mri..pilates seems a better option.

  • I had an MRI first, they found the area that the nerves etc run through was much narrower than normal - the guy likened it to the refill inside a bird pen, anyway, that was abnormally narrow and he also said there were tiny little stress fractures in my spine, he said they were often caused when children started to walk and kind of arched their backs to get going - well something like that - but I did a lot of horse / pony riding as a child so I dare say that hadn't helped much either.

    I was amazed at how effective the Pilates was although I have heard of people who just couldn't get on with it which is a shame because I find it a very enjoyable form of exercise. So much of it is done flat on your back for a start although you can actually work up a sweat so in spite of doing it lying down it is actually quite a workout.

  • Thats good to know because i want to avoid surgery at all costs,

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