MRI Scan Results

This is a copy of the MRI Scan results which i was sent. Can anyone tell me what some/all what this means?

Findings: There is a very unusual anomaly affecting the left paraterminal gyrus and subcallosal area. These are enlarged and project down towards the left side of the optic chiasm. The medial portion of the anterior perforated substance is also affected. The sella is large and substantially empty. The remainder of the brain is normal.

Conclusion: Very unusual anomaly affecting the left-sided septal nuclei. These are anterior projections of the hippocampus and may therefore be relevant to mood and personality. The appearances suggest this is a congenital disposition, and there is no signal change to suggest a progressive lesion. However I cannot entirely exclude a cortical dysplasia.

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  • Do you have epilepsy? Cortical dysplasia refers to this.

  • No but my mother and grandmother had epilepsy

  • Congenital CD then without epilepsy.

  • Thank you again if you don't mind what is CD? I get quite bad migraines daily which I put down to this.

    Also I am on fluticasone as I loose my temper very easily and don't remember what I have done

  • Cortical dysplasia. You need to discuss findings and symptoms with medics. Tell them all your symptoms. My best wishes to you.

  • Quad121,

    It appears to suggest that you were born with some anomalies rather than developed lesions causing anomalies in the pituitary and brain. Really the doctor who ordered the MRI should explain the results and conclusion to you.

  • Thank you all for your reply. Would the Pituitary function correctly? Also do you think this could be transferred to my children?

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