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Glucose and Cortisol test results

Hello, I am a patient of Dr Gordon Skinner and as most of you know he has passed away. Apart from being absolutely devastated about his untimely demise, I am now struggling to find anyone who may treat me as he did...symptoms first rather than lab results! I know that many of you on here are as good as he was at understanding lab results and poo poo-ing the accepted reference ranges by the medical profession. I have my blood results in as requested by Dr Skinner last time I consulted him. Can anyone here help me interpret them at all?

The results are written exactly as they are on my report;

(44g) Plasma glucose level - 4.4 mmol/L (3.3-5.5) (bh) - Normal - No Action

(4482) Serum cortisol 288 nmol/L (bh) Normal - No Action

Reference Range:

nmol/L 9am: 140 - 690

nmol/L 12mn: 75 - 175

Post Dexamethasone: < 60 nmol/L

My bloods were taken at 9am and I had been fasting for 15 hours.

Thanking you all for your help



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Sorry you had no replies - people tend to get a better response in the Questions section.

Hopefully someone with relevant experience will pick this up from Latest Activity...




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