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Is it easy to get tested for Lactose Intolerance

After suffering lots and lots of migraines I am pleased to report I now have not had one for over 8 weeks, I have eliminated all caffine (only drink fruit tea and water and caffine free diet coke as a treat). No Chocolate or Cheese either. As a result I hardly take in any milk any more and have notice that no only have the headaches gone my acid reflux and indigestion which was continuous all day and awful had reduced dramitically. Although i get it a bit during the day and still have a continuous cold. This could be my levo pills I think as they contain lactose. I am going to visit my GP after the holidays to discuss a test and change in tablets... hoping I get a yes and I want all my vitamins levels and iron and everything checking I am beginning to believe in the controlling you diet approach......wont be easy though I love sugar...

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Diet drinks are very bad for you and can cause strange symptoms (it's the artificial sweeteners). They also mess with your blood sugar in a worse way than actual sugar!

A long time ago I got allergy testing, which included milk, from the Chest clinic, but if you don't have asthma or rampant hay fever, I should think it would be quite difficult to get tested. Mind you , my GP loves doing tests (which aren't ever followed up). Why not ask about allergy testing?


A lactose tolerance test is simple enough - have a look here:

Persuading your GP to provide it may be another matter.



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