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Help please with blood tests after hemithyroidectomy !

Help please with blood tests after hemithyroidectomy !

Hi after partial thyroidectomy in May 2013 left me feeling tired, forgetful, quick tempered, no sex drive, put weight on, palpitations, anaemic, scalloped tongue, heavier periods I requested a blood test in sept 2013 but dr says it's all normal.

First column is before op sept 2012 and second was sept 2013.

I would really appreciate if anyone can have a quick glance and post any thoughts. Thank you.

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Hi As far as non thyroid, ook really good, ranges do vary a bit with Lab but not bad. Watch your sodium does not go any higher though, may be les salt? Potassium perfect, like wise. Both electrolytes. Calcium fine, where is your vit D? Hormonal , with that calcium safe to take it, script ideally, better still Endo Where is iron/ferritn? Bound to need it post surgery. Also B12 + foliates, autoimmune and hormonal, needs to be high, Diabetes also a and H,. These should all be checked annually.

Thyroid, you need T4 and Free T3 too.also TSH too high, usually means TSH is too low, but you need the tests.

Then if still nothing evident, find yourself a really good Endo and insist on a referral.

I am assuming you feel really awful?You should be feeling Ok by now.



Hi Jackie

Thank you so much for replying. Yes I feel awful just so many symptoms and can't shake myself out of it!

Do you think I should ask for full retest with all thyroid tests?

I'm very new to this so excuse my ignorance - are these results ok ? but are people still hypo with results like this?

My iron was rock bottom apparently dr blamed heavy periods and gave me 3 month tablets and fitted coil .

Thank you



Hi Yes, you certainly need TSH, T4 and Free T3 done for the thyroid, essential. You may ned treatment with T4 and T3, only the bloods will safely show this. After 6 weeks on altered dose., always a retest.

iron/ ferritin , es the bleeding may have contributed , but normally needed for life, very common , especially with thyroid disease. retest after 4 months on any new med. Then for this sort of thing, once stable , annually. Low Iron/ferritin can have lots of side effects especially exhaustion.

his and the other tests I mentioned strongly effect the thyroid.Also likely if autoimmune thyroid problem, mostly is, then you can gradually develop any other autoimune disease. You just have b to be aware and watch out for them.

You should be under an Endo, they would do all this and much more, f needed.

Find an Endo yourself, lots of research. Only then ask for a GP referral. It should be an Endo, not a private doctor. Louise has a list of a few as a starting point. There are others.

E mail Louise for a list, if wish,

\There is a lot of info on thyroid on the main TUK site.

Best wishes,



Thank you - will look for an endo and go back to dr !


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