apparently i dont have thyroid issues

just had a call from the head of the diabeties dept about my complaint

the questions that were asked were routine

he appologised for coming across as rude

my thyroid was checked apparently

none of my symptons are thyroid related

further tests will be done

ive agreed to go see him again for blood test results in january but i wont sit and bite my tongue he will get what for if i feel the need im allso going to get hubby to come in with me

i feel like crying

edited to add if my symptons are not thyroid then someone somewhere is deffinatly crap at their job

the dr for diagnosing me

the lab for giving wrong blood results

endo for not knowing his head from his backside

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  • Just a suggestion. Write down all your symptoms and give it to the doctor next time you see him. Ask him to put in writing, beside each symptom, an explanation of a) why he believes that symptom is not thyroid related and b) what he believes is the cause and his suggested treatement.

    I wonder if he'd even be able to do that, let alone willing to do it?

  • good thinking

    he is supposed to be arranging tests to see why i suffer with these not thyroid conditions

  • should say that his reason for not being thyroid related was my last TSH was 5.2

  • Then he's an *&^%*. I was horizontal in bed, too weak to stand, every inch of me shaking, lost my voice and couldn't breathe properly a year ago. My TSH was 5.6

  • if he fails me ill ask for another referral either to bristol or salisbury both good endos i just chose swindon as its my local hospital. I can think of a few names for him but im a lady so wont say lol

  • BRI in Bristol have some good endos.

  • I saw a really good endo in Salisbury

  • Over 3.5 would get you a hypo diagnosis in most of USA. Mandy some people feel much better with their TSH around 1. Why can't these dim medics get it? Over prescribing is rightly abhorred (unless its ADs) but alleviating symptoms to allow one to feel well ought to be a priority.

  • WHAT?????? Your tsh was 5.2 and your symptoms are not thyroid related the jerk to the GMC you are very clearly hypothyroid find another endo fast and make sure lyn mynott knows which endo you saw

  • he was reported to PALS if no joy next time i see him i will be taking things further

    How do i contact Lyn Mynott?

  • Through admin on this forum or via thyroidukwebsite link

  • ok thankyou

  • Hi Mandy

    Scroll down the link here, from the BMJ. Clearly shows that anyone with a TSH level over 5 with symptoms should be offered treatment with T4.

    Your endo clearly needs to read up a bit!

    Good luck


  • thankyou

  • Good one!

  • thankyou

  • I was told the same despite having thyroid symptoms and for the last 2 years everythign dismissed .just complained to hospital re ENT consultant who only told me "its not sinuses".but not what symptoms the dr must be at fault for not telling him that I had had nasal problems for a year plus swelling and a rash.same with rheumy who only kept on about weight gain -dismissing that I had actually lost weight ,didn't/couldn't eat and didn't even consider my symptoms.i know this is not necessarily right to post this on thyroid forum but totally agree with you that doctors are nt doing their job properly.

  • Ooooh, I do feel for you. You expect the NHS to help and you've been failed by people who really need to find another job.

    Inform your GP that you are dissatisfied following this hospital appointment,you need as much info as possible on your records. Demand an appointment with an Endo of your choice.

    All you can do is keep putting complaints in writing, remember that GPs have revalidation so any complaints get bought up at this.

  • im actually seeing the endo again on 13th january for blood results and then go from there

    he obviously knows i wont take him talking to me like crap as a reporet has allready been done to PALS

    if after the 13th im still not happy then ill ask for referral to Bristol as thats only about 30 min drive from me

  • much better you go to salisbury good reports there

    bristol are pals of the idiot who treated my husband and grandaughter like dirt

  • Salisbury is good for me too

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