Hello, am going to the endocrinologist on Friday, as I want to trial T3 and my Dr also thinks this :)

Would like any advice really, I am super sensitive to thyroxine and my levels are not settling no matter the dose.. Am ok but I know that sometimes we can get told that there is nothing wrong! I would like to go armed with as much info as possible.. oh I have hashimotos.....

Thank you in advance and merry Christmas one and all x

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Hashi's can play havoc with TSH, often showing as 'normal' within range. Hopefully, your GP will have provided your history to the endo and indicated s/he thinks trialling T3 would be beneficial.

Unfortunately, the Society of Endocrinologists aren't convinced that T3 is beneficial. Hopefully, your endo won't be so prejudiced.

Your GP is entitled to prescribe T3 if its thought beneficial for you but most won't prescribe outside of RCP guidelines which state T4 monotherapy should be the treatment for primary hypothyroidism.

It all depends on the Endocrinologist. Some stick to the BTA guidelines that levothyroxine alone makes us well. We, the patients, know full well that that may not be the case.

Your GP has referred you and will have told the Endo your problem. Hopefully, the Endo will be able to assist you.

I know some on this forum have had an Endocrinologist prescribe T3 so you may be lucky.

Thank you for you're reply

I was on Levothyroxine and then given a trial of T3 as I didn't seem to be converting very well. I didn't feel a lot better on both so I took myself of Levo, and now I feel tons better. The depression has completely gone and the brain fog is much reduced. So hope you feel the benefits of just T3 if you get the chance.

Thank you, this, I like to hear!! :)

My endo dismissed my request for T3, said I did not have any symtoms of Hashi's (he obviously lived inside my body!) and told me I was depressed. I was depressed by the time I got out of the clinic!

He then wrote a snotty letter to my GP. The GP was not happy, and prescribed me T3. I felt better within 4 hours of taking the first one and made a point of going to the surgery a couple of weeks later with buns for everyone "to celebrate!".

It's nice when your GP is good, I did say to my DR that I was worried about what the endocrinologist will say, my Dr said I think you're clever enough to tell them exactly how you're feeling it's your body you know how it works! I hope he wrote a good letter to them.. really pleased that you are feeling better, T3 seems to be the way forward, fingers crossed for me! Bet they loved the buns! x

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