extremely worried feel so ill just dont know what to do pale stools shoulder pain rib pain fearing something bad ?

hi everyone sorry i know iv been posting a bit latley 4 months on levo a been going down hill this past week was suspecting adrenal problems but im fearnig its something worse really struggling but these new symptoms are very worrying im sorry to mention the word stool but it seems important i woke up feeling terrible again exhausted right shoulder pain urgently needed the toilet in waking and passed a very pale clay stool with white also continued pain under ribs which iv had for past 3 weeks and neck pain im getting no help from anyone and am so worried and ready for giving up i just dont know what to do or what these things mean and very frightened with trying to care for 2 young children have arranged a gp appointment whats going on has anybody had these problems ?

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  • So sorry you are feeling so poorly and I'm sure I read somewhere the other day that shoulder and neck pain are hypo symptoms. Trouble is you read so much that one thyroid paper rolls into another and I cant remember where I read it.

    Can't comment on the unusual stools but it is obviously worry you. If you are in that much pain would a trip to A&E be called for or do you have utter faith in your GP to get to the bottom of it?

    Please stay strong and dont ever worry about how may times you post questions on this site as this type of situation is exactly what we are all here for. I hope someone comes along soon with a more adequate answer for you.

    Moggie x

  • Hi Sarah, I am sorry you've been feeling so unwell.

    Personally, as it is now the weekend, I would visit the A&E to be checked, or do you have a Walk-in doctors surgery in your area. Most are open 24 hours. It could be due to your bile being blocked and not working properly, so you should be checked out now.

  • I'm wondering if it's possible that you might have gall stones? If you don't get to A&E or a walk in centre, make sure you ask your GP for a scan to rule gall stones out (or in) or look for other problems in your chest/abdominal area. Don't take no for an answer.

  • Infection of the gallbladder sounds a possibility.

  • I agree with the others about going to A and E for the very reason that I know of someone who has been waiting for some months for a gall bladder assessment which was fast forwarded (i.e. bypassing her GP) because of her visit. It is certainly worth a try, and could give you the reassurance you need. Gall bladder problems are often a symptom of hypothyroidism. Jane x

  • thankyou everybody for your replies its great to know someone is there im sorry so sound so desperate im not coping very well i just cant see a way out i feel so hopeless, iv been ill goiing on 9 months now its just very frightening with all these weird things going on and im trying to sort a trip to a and e iv arranged a trip to gp on monday i did think gall bladder or liver but had a liver profile done 3 half months ago and that came back ok but none of this was going on also got terrible earache and flatuence (sorry) my free t4 levels are very slowly going up its taken 4 months to get from 8.5mol to 11.1 on 100 mg levo im worried it could be something to do with my liver and fearing the worst i suppose because i just dont understand whats happening thanks so much for replying


  • pale coloured stools causes could be liver pancreas or gallbladder, if its causing alot of pain visit a & e, also gallstones can actually cause shoulder pain usually the top bit of your back aswell, i would go to a n e where they can xray you there if you are in pain, good luck i hope it gets better for you

  • agree with above posts that shoulder & under-rib pain (one side?) can indicate gall-bladder trouble, if you are in severe pain don't hesitate about a trip to A&E, get checked out. (I don't have any experience of this but my Dad had similar) best wishes J x

  • Hi I agree with everyone above your Liver may be inflammed,(pale stools and referred pain in shoulder) if pain is severe go to A + E, or call 111 to arrange dr apptmnt out of hours, def suggest a liver function test to rule out. Best wishes

  • many thanks everyone for posts iv not been able to get to a and e but am going to make sure liver bloods done and ask for a ultrasound for gall stones fingers crossed thanks again iv felt very alone with all this and frightened i really appreciate your replies


  • Hi It could be Gall Bladder, , autoimmune, or autoimmune pancretits. Both painful and referrred pain, even in should and back. both painful, pancreatitis screaming level of pain. I know!

    Tests, Gall bladder, if lucky, will show on an ultra sound. Pancreatitis, first test called faecal Elastase, stool test, at home, that is for the enzymes, good definitive test, simple treatment, enzymes well before food. Idiot proof results too. Then also a special gastroscopy, including pics, by radiologist, in a large teaching hospital.This checks for lumps. You do not have to have Diabetes with this, but commonly develop it.

    Nothing really horrible.

    Best wishes,


  • thanks jackie i think am going to do the stool test and get some help with out sounding awful my stools have turned to bright yellow diaherea with undigested food im iv had to take to my bed

  • u really need to visit the hospital asap u are describing gall bladder/liver and pancreas yellow diarrhea is also a sign of these as well as pale stools please get checked out instead of leaving it, all very painful and could lead to damage ring nhs direct if you cant get to hospital they will tell you if they think you should go

  • Sarah, this sounds too serious not to act on right now. If you cannot get to a local A&E or drop-in centre, then please call 111 so that someone can assess your immediate need.


  • I agree with giving 111 a ring or NHS direct so that you can talk it through with some medical/nursing people rather than on an internet forum x

  • Hi This is very typical of pancreas. Make sure you have a diabetes test too, Hb1 Ac best. I developed diabetes quite a while after diagnosed, they do not always go together. I see a brilliant Hepatologist, had that discussion once, and many others!I saw 5 Gastros before , none could diagnose me, so called top ones. Hepatologist, liver, pancreas and gall bladder, only at top teaching hospitals, mainly involved in transplants ( liver), all brilliant.. It is important to have a good diagnosticion

    Best wishes,


  • Hi So long as you go to GP that is OK. it certainly is typical of pancreatits. Only very urgent if pain permanent and not intermittent. You may vomit too! Lived with this some years. Gall bladder usually some warning , unusual to be sudden emergency. If it is that and not removed can develop into cholocystitis , more serious, that does require emergency treatment. However,as I cannot have much do about anything and no surgery. I live with those, and never go into hospital for them, Frequently told to, but that is a different story! Very anti hospitals.

    Best wishes,


  • Sara - please reply when you can, I hope you have contacted A&E or 111 or your local drop- in centre, I hope you are feeling better or well enough to visit the GP tomorrow.

    We are worried about you. Jane x

  • Hi Sara

    Get yourself to A & E a s a p because you need a diagnosis immediately and don't be fobbed off, If it is the gall bladder causing the problem they need to confirm it and also being a thyroid patient yo need to be treated now. I have just had mine removed and I am recovering well but I did have to wait 2 years due to the ignorance of the surgeon I found the pain excruciating and constant my gall bladder was very enlarged when they removed it as it should have been done 18 months earliernow I am glad that I had it done because I can go on holiday with out the fear of the pain anymore.

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