Anyone awake

Having a panic attack and trying to take my mind off it.

Had to increase thryoid meds due to exhaustion and pain, only a little extra makes me have these attacks.

To make things worse iv got some kind of virus, lost my voice and tight chest. I was at the supermarket at 7 this morning getting meds for virus, i then had appointment with doctor who gave me inhaler.

Im so annoyed with myself because iv had these attacks on and off for a long time now and i know that they pass. But when they are happening they are so scary. They seem to happen more when i have fallen asleep i am then woken up with this huge panic and the need to get away...from where i dont know.

Sorry for the ramble


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I get them too hun and they are very severe when I do. I've tried the breathing techniques and have had my husband rub my back, have fallen to my bed to pray them away and have had them disable me at work, some I even worked through. They lasted a minute or two beth they came back after a few was panic, panic, panic during the day and night at the worst times possible. I finally gave in and decided to take Paxil.. and it changed my life. I didn't have a single panic attack after 2 or 3 weeks, I never had another in my life. Xx

The only thing my doctor gave me was amitrpyline ..did your doctor prescribe Paxil

My doctor did prescribe paxil.. there are some other good ones out there for you. Paxil is just one of them that doesn't cause weight gain and it has minimal side effects. it didn't change how I felt or who I was.. it just stopped the panic attacks and it took away any bitchiness that I seriously, It made me a calmer, better person to live with and to be around.

It sounds like the right one for you.


It sounds that your thyroid medication is triggering this. What is your thyroid medication and how much do you take?

I was taking 75 of levo..symtoms got worse and high tsh,,,i then took 75 and 100 on alternate days. This increase brought with it panic. Without the increase i have zero energy.

I used to have a similar problem (but going from 50 to 75) – it’s not uncommon to get hyperthyroid problems, such as feeling jittery, heart pounding, panic attacks etc. despite feeling exhausted all the time. It may not be so much a question of too much thyroid medication but of they type of thyroid medication. T4 has to convert into the active T3, which you need for energy, and you may be aware that there is a big controversy about both the TSH test and the type of thyroid medication that should be taken. Some people are ok on T4, but others seem to have problems converting from T4 to T3 – no matter how much T4 you take it won’t convert into T3 – so you store up T4 which isn’t good. You may be better on a combination treatment of synthetic T4 (Levothyroxine) and synthetic T3 (Liothyronine) or else go over to the natural dessicated thyroid such as Armour or combine Armour with T4 and/or T3. Some other patients have gone over to a T3 monotherapy. In addition, you may find that the underlying problem is adrenal fatigue, which is often the case and must be addressed. If you have Candida Albicans that also needs addressing.

I don’t know how much you’ve read on hypothyroidism or whether you leave it mostly to your doctor but I would say it’s good to be informed when you speak to a doctor. I can highly recommend the following books: 'Adrenal Fatigue - The 21st Century Stress Syndrome' by Dr. James L. Wilson, 'Your Thyroid and how to keep it healthy' by Dr. Barry Durrant Peatfield, 'Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - it's mitochondria, not hypochondria' by Dr. Sarah Myhill, 'Pernicious Anaemaia: The Forgotton Disease - The causes and consequences of Vitamin B12 Deficiency' by Martyn Hooper, 'Stop the Thyroid Madness' by Janie A Bowthorpe, and 'Recovering with T3' by Paul Robinson. Apart from Dr. Peatfield all the above authors also have excellent websites. In addition to the very informative Thyroid UK (TUK) website there are also other websites you might find useful - see e.g. Thyroid Patient Advocacy UK (TPAUK) and the US website Nutrition, sleep and exercise are also very important - see. e.g. Dr. Myhill's website as well as a number of other websites or Dr. Wilson's book. All of them deal not only with hypothyroidism but also with related issues such as adrenal fatigue, Vitamins (esp Vit. B12, Vit. D and Vit. C). You may quite possibly need adrenal support such as Nutri Adrenal or Nutri Adrenal extra to get your adrenals and your immune system going, not to forget the right food, excercise and sleep. As you can see from the above literature, there are ecological/functional/nutritional doctors and practitioners who may well be able to help you more than GPs or even endocrinologists as they have holistic approach.

Hope this helps you with your recovery.

Great answer. Agree with everything you covered.

Morning Christine,

Panic attacks are awful - you are having a normal reaction to something horrible. You are poorly and need to take things easy and not give your self a hard time. Really listen to what your body is saying and don't push your self to hard - it causes stress, which effects the adrenals and then the medication uptake etc and the vicious circle continues.

Best wishes


Thanks Debs,

Thats a good point..learning not to push too alot of us i try to carry on as normal and then crash...we do have a condition that needs rest and time out to relax. I must try and remember that....proper relaxation before we crsh.

Hi Yorkshiregirl44 Sorry you had such a rotten night - I was up to at roughly the same time feeling the same! I wish I'd come on the computer we could have had a chat! I hope you feel a bit better this morning and are able to get some extra rest today - hopefully someone here will be able to give more practical advice re meds once you put up some bloods. Sending hugs x

Thanks.... Iv been ok today but not looking forward to sleep as thats my worse time.

Hope you manage to have a good rest tonight.

Sorry to hear about your problems at night. I have had problems at night too - I wake up very early in the mornings from getting vivid dreams and this has been going on since I've been taking the T4 at night. I am very very sure it's the T4 causing this problem but at 50mcg? I've got exactly a week left until my next bloods will be done so I'll most likely put up with it for now. I wish I could've had a chat on the PC too! I hope you feel better soon. x

I take my meds at night also..maybe the morning would be better.

Im going to reduce mine tonight and see how i go.

If you cant sleep send me a message.

hi christine, I seem to have a panic attack when I have an infection, U.T.I or cold virus, sore throat, temp.....hope you feel better soon.

Thats a possibility with me...visus causing me to feel a cant breath on top of panic which makes it feel worse.

I used to get panic attacks on Levo: very scary, especially at night - sympathies.

Although it may be a short term solution, it seems counter-intuitive to mitigate the effects of one medicine that doesn't suit you by taking another as well to counteract the effects of the first. Although you may not relish it (I know I wouldn't) you really should talk to your doc about this, when the virus lets up (no point in muddying the water by going while the virus still has you in its grip). When you go, take someone with you, make a list of the symptoms that are worrying you and the outcomes you want. And be clear in your own mind before you go as to whether this is a thyroid problem or (as the doc will probably suggest) something to do with asthma.

I use NDT now. No panic attacks and I'm sleeping better than I have in years.

Panic attacks can come with B12 deficiency, which seems to be common with thyroid problems. Why not ask your doctor to have you checked for that. You might find that if you are deficient, it's probably the simplest way of dealing with it before you start looking at adrenal problems etc.

Hi yorkshiregirl44,

I was getting panic attacks prior to being diagnosed with FMS.. I suspect is was my thyroid as eventually I was diagnosed with mild Hypothyroidism. But the labs tests often mean little in terms of different effects on individuals as explained above. I was chronically ill before thyroid hormone but that sweet spot is so illusive - it takes a while to get there. The trouble with autoimmune thyroid disease is that the thyroid level does go up and down and patient or medic is chasing it. All the above reads recommended to you are really worth it. I would add on John Lowe's treatment of fibromyalgia with T3, or treatment of metabolic syndrome. L Carnatine has shown to reduce hyperthyroid. I keep it handy if I think I'm going a bit hyper. Another thing that will trigger or impact on panic attacks, and certainly will worsen hyper phases is sugar and any fast carbohydrate. It's taken me a while to cut right down but sugar will make me flare and really mess up my cortisol and insulin which all works together. I can't emphasize enough how bad sugar and refined foods are for us. Good luck. Oh...and if it not contra indicated with your current meds: valerian, melatonin, passionflower and st John's wort are all good at calming nerves down.

Aren't they just the worst ever, one minute okay and the next a blabbing wreck. I suffered a heart attack in January after being told I was hypothyroid and taking Levothyroxine. Been going through a roller coaster of heart and thyroid problems. Doctors and cardiologist didn't know what to do. I finally saw a natural endocrinologist yesterday which I went privately to. OMG, I am soooooo happy at last, after years of stress, worrying about my heart, I finally was told I have adrenal fatigue, yahoo, I slept so well last night as I am so relieved I know that I am not going mad. So today came off my 25 mcg levo and going onto adrenal supplements in a few days. He was so sympathetic and really listened to all my concerns and worries and my anxiety attacks. I tried all the relaxation etc which did help but I wanted to know why I was having them. Now I know why I am altering my diet, going gluten free, I understand now why I was lightheaded, it was low blood pressure especially when I was hungry or needed some hydration. It all makes sense now and although it will take time I can handle it and see it in a logical way. So please see an endo that believes in temperature, bp and pulse testing and supplements. I am going to take my Mum to see him now and recommending him to a lot of friends who aren't well. You cannot depend on blood tests or doctors who give the results as 'Fine'! Good luck everyone, do the research and get yourselves better, don't rely on 10 minute appointments at your doctors, that doesn't do anything. xx

omg.......sounds familiar, I have been waking up at 3am most mornings, rapid heart beat, same need to get away, I stick my head out of the bedroom window for fresh air, its an awful feeling, normally i take 2 paracetamol and this eases me back to sleep till I have to get up for work at 5.30am, but this only started when i got this sinus infection, but this sinus - blocked nose has been going on for 6 weeks and I have had a course of amoxicillin for it, which did make it a little better, but I still have it.

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