Syacthen test,what should I feel like. I have my test done and have the results.-normal but should I have felt a buzz or depressed?

So result letter has arrived just says normal. I shall be seeing the endo in January and will ask for the figures but I need to know how I should have felt during or after the test. Do you fell good,full of energy or down and depressed? I felt nothing,so is this normal?

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I felt absolutely nothing either. My result was normal too but I am now selfmedicating with HC and feel much better.


I felt nothing at all, test normal.

Thank you.

Me to - no reaction and normal result, and the booklet that you get telling you all about the test says that there is no adverse reaction.

Moggie x

Thanks Moggie, I thought being pumped full of something should get a reaction.x

Interesting! I had a horrible reaction to the test. The nurse told me if you're going to react people usually report stomach cramps that pass in a few minutes. I felt sick, faint and had cramps for hours. Unfortunately from midnight on the day of the test, which was a Monday, to Saturday I had bladder pain and spasms. I had warned the hospital that I was concerned about the acetic acid in the injection. I have interstitial cystitis and avoid anything acidic, I was told I'd be fine, but never got a clear answer on just how much acetic acid was in the injection. This test certainly isn't recommended for painful bladders. Then to be told it was normal, I don't think I would have gone through this if I had had all the info.

Hello Helcaster,sorry you had a bad time. The leaflet I had told me very little and the nurse had never given this injection before so I hope she did it right,shall find out in January.x

Hi beaton, I didn't get an email you replied, sorry. The nurse told me not too many people react, and I must be very sensitive. I'm not good with a lot of chemicals and tend to react.

I hope you get some good results in January!. X

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