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what should my vitamin d level be ?

last vitamin d results were 57nmol.. doc said that's ok,, but I've read that replete level is from about 75. I take 10,000 units once a week but that only seems to maintain this level. has reached the heady highs of 71 before. but never any higher. I've read that optimum levels are higher than this,, just wondering what I should really be aiming for and whether I should take more. thanks in advance... Ian

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Would really need to see your lab's ref ranges to answer you intelligently, Ian

For instance my lab refs:

Deficient: <20 nmol/L

Insufficient: 21-50

Sub-optimal: 51-75

Optimal: 76-200

Poss. toxicity: >250

I was <10 and prescribed 40,000iu daily for 7 days & 2,000 daily for 3 months. Folate was low too and im taking 5mg folic aciddaily. B12 was low in range so I'm self medicating with methylcobalamin spray. Ferritin was high at 371ng/ml (1-291). I haven't investigated the significance, if any, yet.

I've got B1, B2, B6, VitC, magnesium & zinc but not taking them yet as I don't want any adverse side effects of the Actavis T4 I'm trialling blamed on the 'unprescribed' supplements.


And my lab ref ranges are different to that at:

Deficient: < 25nmol/L

Insufficient: 25 - 50

Adequate: 50-75

Optimal: >75

Moggie x


Hi It would be better higher, However, more important to have a corrected calcium test, as this must always be in range and effected by D, If goes above range, no D can be taken ,whatever the D rsult is. I am now in this position.



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