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Nutri thyroid and T3


I bought Nutri thyroid and took it for about 3 or 4 weeks before I managed to get hold of some T3. Since I have been on T3 (which is 23 days) I have not taken the Nutri thyroid as I thought I might be overdoing things. But as yet the only benefit I am getting from taking the T3 is that I feel a little less tired.

My questions: should I start taking the Nutri thyroid and the T3? Has anyone done this and gotten benefits?

I also bought the Nutri Adrenal Extra which I have been taking twice a day as per the instructions. I was hoping that these would help my adrenals and have a knock-on effect to my hypothyroidism. But my temperature is still averaging around 35.5 daily.

Any help would be gratefully received.

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Sometimes our temperatures do not come back to normal. I tried Nutri Adrenal etc but it didn't suit me.

Re T3, you may not be on a dose high enough to relieve your symptoms.

One doctor I know makes sure our adrenals are assisted and another believed that our adrenals would benefit from thyroid hormone alone. I found the latter.

I don't know if you've seen this link:-


Hi Shaws, thank you for the link, I will read it thoroughly.

I am a bit scared about taking one large dose as when I got up to around one and a half tablets x 4 a day I seemed to get headaches. I am prone to headaches so I am not really sure if it was the T3 does or not. Maybe I will start at 25mcg once a day and see how I go.


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