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why do I feel ok just before I go to bed.


Any ideas why I feel exhausted all day cold I cannot feel the tips of my fingers because I am so cold. the just before I go to bed I warm up and feel full of energy.

MY GP tells me the is a classic symptom of depression but I am not so sure.



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Hi, I have been mental health professional for twenty five years and never heard this as being classed as depression , I would be looking more at cortisol levels.

Hmm, I'd be interested in knowing what he has based this theory on. Maybe he is thinking of people who become nocturnal because they have trouble sleeping at night (this is supposedly a symptom of depression) and end up with disrupted sleep habits. But waking too early can be a symptom too, as well as: sleeping too much or too little; eating too much or too little, etc. In other words, it isn't exactly a precise science, and there is a lot of overlap with other conditions such as, um, uat.

If it helps, I too drag along all day, hit a low point around 6 and another around 10, and then end up being awake for hours. I don't get to spend much time with my partner, so virtually every night when I'm really sleepy around 9 or 10, I think 'I'll just stay up for another hour' and by the time he goes to bed I feel much perkier. In fact, for the last six weeks or so I've been struggling with getting to sleep before 3 or 4, so I can empathise with your situation. I don't get warmer, just livelier. I've been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue (private doc natch) so maybe there is some correlation.


Hi stockman27, i'm exactly the same, I feel like death until around 8pm. Mid afternoon I can't keep my eyes open, and absolutely freezing. If I take my temp then it's always 35. something.

I had an adrenal stress profile done and my cortisol was ridiculously low until evening. Here I am at 2.30 am with energy.

Me too,and when I do put off the light after reading for hours,I sweat so much.

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Hi beaton, those night sweats didn't go for me until I was on a high dose.

Does changing the time of day for taking levo help?

I feel this way every day- not said anything to my dr about it.maybe bring it up next time i see him?

I get the same thing too - Hard to stay awake in the afternoon, tired in the evening but then after 10.30pm I am wide awake again. Still is doesn't keep me awake at night fortunately. I associate it with going on the computer at about 10 each evening to check emails.

I would change doctors. Someone saying being cold is a symptom of depression should not be practicing. It's a classical symptom of adrenal problems, not depression.

I'm starting to wonder if doctors get a bonus every time they prescribe an antidepressant..

I also experience this, exhausted in the afternoon and evening, then around 11pm to 2am, feel much more awake. Have been diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism: TSH 8.1 H mu/L (0.3 - 4.2), FT4 284 nmol/L (171-536 nmol/L).

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There's nothing subclinical about TSH of 8.1 It's almost double the top of your lab range. Please see another GP for a proper diagnosis asap.

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Hi Clutter, thank you, well in fact the laboratory printed under these test results which were taken in Oct 2013: 'stable subclinical hypothyroidism - suggest annual review'. In fact as early as 2008 my TSH was 7 mu/L (0.3-4.2 mu/L) and again underneath printed: 'stable subclinical hypothyroidism - suggest annual review'. Neither result I would have been aware of as both times the receptionist informed me results were normal, and have only just seen history of blood test results as I decided to try a private specialist, after I was told they were normal again. My GP told me, after another of my complaints of exhaustion, which I have made over the years, that if blood test results are abnormal this time, she would refer me to endo. But as you probably know, the TSH has to be over 10 for surgeries to take seriously and to refer to endo, if FT4 is still in the normal range.

Clutter in reply to cc120

Your GP should be treating your symptoms not your lab results which clearly show you ARE hypothyroid. Push your GP for the recommended starter dose of Levothyroxine x 100mcg. This ignorant doctoring at its worst. Untreated hypothyroidism is as much a strain on the heart as hyperthyroidism. My lab range is 0.35-5.5. In USA top of range is 3.5. These ranges really need standardising accross UK.

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Hi Clutter, thank you, do you think I should push for treatment by the GP's or simply push for a referall to an endo. I had been planning to point out in a letter that I have been 'subclinical hypothyroid' since 2008, (though strangely in July 2012, there is a result of TSH 2.5 mu/L (0.3-4.2 mu/L)), and list all my symptoms and urge to be referred to one of the endos on the good NHS endo list?

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PS Also, the last 6-12 months, my nails have become bumpy, with ridges with a rough texture and very weak?

Is it because you have had a hot bath , as this is what happens to me?

I am regularly to be found flashing a duster or washing something at 1 in the morning after not having the energy to even notice the mess during the day, Still, at least it gets it done!

I too sometimes feel more lively just before bed.i read its cos of adrenals/cortisol imbalance.

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