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i had half my thyroid removed beginning of September had two lumps removed and had overactive thyroid for 14 years on carbimazole

TSH is 0,01 does that mean that i am still a bit overactive my T3 is 5.6 and T4 is 12.5 not on any tablets can anyone tell me if that is ok please also my hair is dreadful all split on the one side and thinner on that side too i have heard that Cit D and Evening Primrose can help does anyone know about this

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if you include the ranges [ that should come with the test results ] I am certain that the good people on this site will be able to help -----most labs use different ranges for the same tests --- its called ' how to confuse and excuse ' .....alan


Thanks for your response


Hi I would say possible but not very likely post OP. If T3 and T4 in range should be OK.? I have an immeasurable TSH, but very hypo without the treatment for it. However, with a low TSH, one should always have Pituitary test, a simple specific 24 hour urine collection.

Also post OP it is important to repeat the usual associated thyroid tests. Diabetes, B12+ Foliates and especially vit D, if low corrected calcium before treatment and iron/ferritin. Should not be any difficulty having those done by GP.. A FBC ( full blood count) may be a good idea too. consultants advise not take vit D without a corrected calcium test ,as that is an electrolyte., must always be in range.,but may in particular be high for you., depends on the reason for surgery but may be relevant in particular for you.

My Endo recommends athe best multivit and mineral tablet, minerals the important thing. and fish oil, the best.

Best wishes,

Jackie .


Hello Jackie thanks for the info do you know anything about hair problems caused through thyroid illness? i am going to see the doctor next Friday to see what if anything i can take, hair seems to be coming out more since op unless its my imagination getting forgetful too that may be my age though.


Hi thyroid can cause hair loss, usually eventually it grows back, but not always body hair, mine did not. it can be low ferritin/iron. This is likely after the surgery.

Not age, do not let doc say that!



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