Swollen Gums

Hi all have Hashimotos on 75 levothyroxine has anyone had swollen gums mine keep swelling going down and then coming back have been to docters about a lump at from of mouth said it was a saliva gland have a white spot on other side of mouth. I havent got a dentist at mo wont see me because i havent been for so long took me off list asked docter if she could send me somewhere said she couldnt am trying to find a dentist at moment

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  • Yes the doctor can refer you to the hospital - sorry but she's talking rubbish. I had exactly the same which was diagnosed as a saliva gland and which kept erupting and was the very painful. Eventually I rubbed salt into it and burst it (sorry to be so graphic) and it has never returned.

  • Thanks for getting back to me i had an idea she was fobbing me off im going back next week i am worried that i could have sjogrens syndrome so will ask to be sent somewhere

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