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Anything I should do before having my bloods rechecked?

I have been taking Levo 25mcg for 6 weeks now. My GP suggested I have my bloods redone in Jan and see her at the end of Jan. But, I was thinking it may be a good plan to do them soon?! I was borderline hence trying me on the levo at a small dose. I feel much better, about 80% but i'm guessing most people take more than 25mcg. My friend can take blood but is there anything I should or Shouldn't do before? I take my meds at night around 11pm. Is it a fasting one? doesn't say it is...

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Usually, when first diagnosed you have a blood test about every six weeks and an increase in meds. Seeing you feel much better so far, I would have a blood test before the end of January.

Always get a print-out of your thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges so that you can post them, if necessary, for comments.

Have a blood test as early as possible in the morning but don't take your night dose, have it after your blood test. It's such a small dose you can then have one at night too. It is not a fasting blood test.


Thanks, I read you can not take a dose if you've missed it by about four hours, I forgot to take one Sat night and so didn't take it yesterday until last night . But, I will do that then. x


T4 can be doubled up if you forget to take it. It's been trialled with people taking 7 days dose in one day without adverse reaction. [Sorry, I don't have link].


Get them to test ferritin while your there as ferritin level needs to be at least 70 range 13 to 150 before your body can make good use of the levothyroxine


ok, thanks, will try and add ferritn onto my blood form lol (myself)


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