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High Cholesterol and 'A Key to Weight Loss'

High Cholesterol and 'A Key to Weight Loss'

My GP said my cholesterol is too high. Being a weight-watcher for 11 years, my diet is mainly 'low fat' with good variable foods, veg and fruit. I was surprised but hypothyroidism lowers your metabolism and I think a lot of us will have higher cholesterol levels. I definitely do not want pills. I had only gained about 5-lbs overall before being diagnosed with hypo

On searching the web I last night I found the following interview :-


It is a long 8 pages but I ran it off and read it last night. It has enlighted me about several things and I will give Page 1 to my GP.

That led me to an interview with the same nutritionist doctor entitled "Thyroid Health" "A Key to Weight loss".


That, too, was an interesting read as you may be able to increase your metabolism and I also ran it off (5 pages) to read it through again.

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Dear Shaws - thanks info re Dr Peats interviews. Thyroid Uk mag has had info on coconut milk and oil in the past too, I hope its easily available because I am going to have a go now.



I have bought some too. I got it from Holland and Barrett. I was surprised it was solidified - and you have to refrigerate it after opening and I then found it difficult to get a teaspoonful out of it. So, I have chopped it into pieces roughly t/spoon size. It says to use a tablespoon daily but I use about 2 tspns (1 in each cup spread over the day) I also found it difficult to spread. It disolves easily in soup or hot drink. It gives a slight coconut flavour to tea but is not unpleasant .The one I bought cost about £11. It will be interesting to know whether my cholesterol drops because my diet remains the same.

I see the original report was published in 2001.



It is probably co-incidental but these last couple of days I have been feeling hot.


Without going on and on, there is a lot about coconut on the net. It has trans fatty acids in it, which are beneficial for the gut etc. I think you will find that there is not a problem in shelf life if you leave it out of the fridge . It is reported to have a long to indefinate shelf life even in ambient temperatures. It may be easier for you to use it for frying/hot meals to get your quota as it has a high smoke point.


Thanks very much. I appreciate your info.


They do sell tubs in Holland and Barrett of pure coconut oil , it says once open to keep in the fridge , don't know about the oil, but you can only seem to get that on the net !! don't know if it is quite the same but worth a try and it's half price at the moment so worth a try !!best wishes Jan x


Thanks. When I finish this one I'll look to the net.


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