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change of thyroxine brand at local supermarket pharmacy

as most of us know not to change our brand of thyroxine once we get settled on certain brand my other half went and picked up my prescription from our local supermarket pharmacy and shock horror they have changed my thyroxine brand. I took the pills back to change them to the right ones and they refused to change them.

please check your pills before leaving the pharmacy that you have been given the brand you are used to taking

I normally take activist and it has been changed to mercury in the end I told them to keep my thyroxine as I said I wasn't prepared to mess around with my meds so now have to contact the pharmacy manager tomorrow to fight my case

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Same happened to me. Iam livid as have a note that I need Mercury Pharma. The pharmacy didn't even contact me just said they had different suppliers!! I said that I wasn't taking the 2 mixed brands and have to now source it elsewhere!!. Fed up with this disease not taken seriously.


Are you talking about Mercury Pharma own brand because if you are there has been numerous reports on here of them causing issues such as heart palps (myself being one of them), tell your pharmacist that when you argue your case. I have even done a yellow card regarding this.

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sometimes the pharmacist gives me mercury sometimes activist and sometimes another brand, I haven't noticed any difference to be honest,

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I have to confess I have never realy taken much notice of the change in brands now and again, they say ignorance is bliss...I didn't realize they could affect me one way or another...I shall keep an eye on any change in future...


I picked up 2 months supply yesterday and there were 3 different brands, this was from the GP practice pharmacy! I did wonder how that will affect me.


Same thing happened to me, I have been on Eltroxin for 27 years and our local pharmacy say they just cannot get any more, I have ask at several other pharmacy sand they say the same. Up to now they have managed to get Eltroxin 100 but cannot get 25 so being put on Levothyroxin. The first two weeks I took it it made my thyroid really hurt but seems to be getting used it now. Is this normal.


Oh my god so glad i found this site. Thought i was goin mad. My tabs have been raised to 125 mcg. i always have activis, but because they dont do a 25 mcg the chemist gave me mercury. For the last 4 weeks been having chest pains . Went to docs he gave me anti biotics thinking it was chest infection. Still got the pain and anxious . ama absolutely sure its the change in levo tabs. Think im gonna get activis 50,s and just break them in half.


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