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Regrouping and moving on - doctor recommendation?

Latest results:

TSH 0.06 (0.35-6)

FT4 14.1 (9-26)

When Dr S passed, I was waiting for a referral, which now isn’t going to happen.

There’s a very long back story but now, although I still do not have a diagnosis other than CFS, I am doing relatively well on 100mcg levothyroxine. I do markedly less well on 75/100 alternating and I would like to try 125mcg to see if I do better.

I am working off my FT4, which is currently in the bottom third of the range, and my GP is working off my TSH, which is suppressed, so we have reached a stalemate. I believe that a basal body temperature steady at 36.1 and other signs and symptoms strongly suggest I am still under-medicated. He thinks I am over-medicated and won’t budge.

I was hoping that Dr S was going to be able to resolve this to our mutual satisfaction, but clearly that won’t happen now.

I need to find a doctor who will be prepared to help me. I am prepared to pay and I am prepared to travel. Dr B is on my doorstep, but she has declined to see me.

Please PM me if you have any personal recommendations. Thank you.

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I guess that answers the question then. :-(


I was a patient of Dr Skinners and I feel sure that if you had seen him, the first thing he would have tried with you is increasing your Levothyroxine. Also have you had your T4 tested, my TSH & T4 were in range, it wasn't until I had my T3 tested that it was obvious I was not converting T4 to T3 as my T3 was low. Ask for a T3 test.


So do I, but unfortunately it was not to be and I need to find another consultant now as a matter of urgency.

I need to tackle the lab about why they don't do T3 even when requested as well.

I have been ill since 2004 and am determined that somehow some way I am going to get completely well.


Cost keeps being quoted as a reason for labs refusing GPs requests, T3 and T4 too. They come back with a question? 'Do you really want this with such and such level showing elsewhere' etc.

They interfere with clinical process, threreby -and that is NOT their job.

If occasional resources get wasted, so what.

I have the strong feeling that Labs are being encouraged to suppress tests in order to cover up bad thyroid diagnosis and treatment over these last decades by the NHS.

They seem to be in 'Beat Up' mode, somehow.

The cost to the patient can be buried -along with the patient if needed.

Too many stories to ignore. Read the press about child & elderly care [lack of] etc.

Will Thyroids ever get that 'Enquiry' I wonder?


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