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I need some advice about Vit B12 and Folate both mine were below normal range in September and now at the bottom of the range

I am so tired all the time and I dont work, I have been diagnosed with Hyothyroidism since childhood but have always struggled with depression, I only recently requested my b12 test since joining this site can someone point me to some info I can bring to my doctor on Thursday when I go for a review. My TSH 0.6 Range 0- 6 and T4 is 13 Range 10-24 and cant remember the ranges exactly but think these are correct.

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Hampster1 has excellent knowledge on B12 and PA. If you click onto Members on the purple bar above and enter her name and her posts will come up. Alternatively type B12 into the white search box on the green bar above then look out for posts by that name and you will have all the information you need. You should be offered injections of B12 on a very regular basis.... Sadly docs are not well informed about Vitamins and minerals....there is a private test that is called the ACTIVE B12 test - this shows you what is happening at a cellular level. The B12 test you have had indicates B12 in the blood and only about 20% of that gets into the cells - hence you need a result at the VERY TOP of the range to feel well.

Your FT4 looks low - maybe an increase in dose ? If your B12 is low that will also affect the conversion of the T4 tablet into the ACTIVE T3. Low T3 is often implicated in depression so I would ask to have my FT3 tested....

If you have absorption issues that further complicates things as you will need to by-pass the gut with the B12 with injections....

Am sure when your levels are good you will feel tons better....hope so...


Hi jeanjeanieg,

Do you have the results for the B12 and folate tests that you've had done? You say you were below range on both in September, did your doctor not offer you any treatment or further testing?

There is lots of B12 information on this link:

And support from the following 3 places:


Both low B12 and low folate are linked to depression, as well as a myriad of other symptoms. Symptom checklist from

And recommended treatment protocol from

Information about other tests you could have (as Marz has highlighted) are on this page:

H x


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