Will my children also end up with this?

Hi, i am hypo and have also just/finally diagnosed with PA. Should/can i get my children checked and if so when. My daughter is 13, she had horrendously heavy periods, tiredness and low moods. not stroppy teenage syndrome, as she's not horrid just a little 'blue' is this normall teenage stuff or could it be thyroid related?

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  • Hello thyroidseb, I have a underactive thyroid, my 13 yr old has been diagnosed with overactive, she has been quite poorly, her periods have stopped, I would certainly get her checked out at the doctors, gill

  • What does pa stand for?

  • Pernicious anaemia ....

  • Thanks

  • Hi It would do no harm to have bloods done, and in fact nothing but good. If nothing shows then I would repeat annually if possible, Also make sure you have a copy of the blood results yourself from the receptionist, with ranges. TSH, T4 and Free T3 and keep. I would also have her vit D checked, hormonal.

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  • From what age would you have children checked (my daughter is five)? Will a doctor only check based on symptoms, or could one be convinced that a possible family link is enough to justify ruling it out? Is there enough medical evidence available out there to support such a request? I was diagnosed at age 26, but I honestly believe that some of the symptoms date back to my early childhood (mood, esp). By the time I was older, I didn't consider low mood to be a symptom of anything, just part of "my personality". When I was diagnosed, that remained my only notable hypo symptom (apart from cold sensitivity, which can be common among even normal women, esp relatively thin ones, like me). I only had myself checked b/c my brother called to tell me he'd just been diagnosed, & I should get checked. Both our parents were hypo, but till my brother's phone call, I'd never considered that it could run in families.

    ...So do you think it's too early to have my daughter checked?

  • Hi I think you may have a problem getting a test at age 5. However, you could use the finger prick., blue horizon main site.. However, I thunk you may get a GP to test for TS,H only a rough guide. if ,on the other hand you can pin point problems, then that is different. it is more common to have a problem with thyroid once menstruation has started.

    There is a strong hereditary element but not quite that simple eg can be hypo or hyer, just the disease tends to run in families. Most of my family developed it later in life. However, I was in my late teens, no real pattern.

    I would also be a bit wary , as if the GP agreed to test your daughter now, they might not be so helpful when older..

    I have various hereditary diseases but the only one I am told that should be checked is the kidney/liver disease.However, my children are adults with children. One I know has the disease, the rest of the family do not want to be interested as it then has to be declared on jobs etc, insurance ,of all sorts denied.Now, I know at the moment this does not apply to thyroid but insurance companies, especially are getting more difficult. Just one thing to consider.

    I hope this helps you to decide.

    Best wishes to both,


  • Have you taken the genetic thyroid test yourself?

  • How or where could i get this done?

  • Yes I would. My daughter was diagnosed at 16, her main symptoms were depression, tiredness and bad stomach pains. It took two years for the doctors to diagnose during which time she was studying her GCSE's it really affected her results as she had the brain fog.

    That was a year ago and she is a different person now, so much happier its hard to believe.

  • There seems to be quite a lot of association of thyroid disorder among people within families. What is much less clear is exactly how much chance of what.

    For example, it seems not to be unusual to see hypothyroidism occurring repeatedly within a family. But you also sometimes see hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism alternating between generations and between branches of the family. Or maybe, in those who have Hashimoto's then seeing other autoimmune diseases in their relatives.

    Very easy to say, but sensible awareness of possibilities is appropriate. Others with lots of affected relatives are absolutely fine. It is best to balance that against the excessive worry and concern might so easily occur. No - I don't know how you do that...


  • My Dad is a hyper + Graves, now has no thyroid. Im Hypo with Hashis and my daughter is hypo, my other 2 children are fine. Seems it appears to run in family, but who knows.

  • Thank you all. I think we shall make a visit and ask some questions

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