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Leptin and its role in Weight Control

I was reading about the role of Leptin in weight control, and my initial thought was: Is it safe to take Leptin to control appetite?

Leptin is a hormone which binds to receptors in the Hypothalamus - yes, the same gland which starts the thyroxine cycle by stimulating the pituitary to produce TSH - and when these receptors are 'full' of Leptin they suppress the appetite.

Great! all we have to do is take leptin! And they did, in fact, start trials with subcutaneous injections. But it didn't work! Why?

Leptin resistance.

Leptin is produced by the fat cells in our bodies, and the more fat cells we have, the more leptin. So why do fat people STAY fat, then? Because they develop Leptin Resistance. And, unfortunately, that's what happened when these people in the trial took leptin. They struggled to stop eating.

So, how can we get over this leptin problem?

Well, just read this article which not only explains what I have just said, but also tells you how to help your body to overcome leptin resistance, and thus make it easier to lose weight - so long as your thyroid meds are also somewhere near optimal - always important.

Interestingly, I have not only optimised my medication with the support of Dr BDP, but I have begun to eat more fish lately, partly because most of the meat I see is horribly tough and not well butchered, so we have gravitated to fish without thinking about it. And I have lost 24lbs and don't seem to have the food cravings I used to. Have I been doing the right thing without realising?

I hope this information might help some here who are struggling with weight still.

Marie XX

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Than you Marram, now I know!


Very interesting - thanks for posting.

Moggie x


Good article - thanks....


This is an interesting article about the effects of grains and Leptin.


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