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I have been taking T3 for just over 6 weeks and these are my blood test results. Can someone advise me please??

Before I started on the T3 my Tsh was in range, my T4 at the top of the range and my T3 was 4.2. At that time I was taking 100mcg Levo.

I was given a 3 month trial of 10 mcg T3 to be taken with the thyroxine. I reduced the t4 to 50mcg and added the T3. After a couple of weeks I added an extra 10 mcg T3 in the afternoon.

My temp is not bad - 36-36.6 and after fluctuations in BP and pulse they seem to have settled. Feel a little better than I did on just Levo but still feel I have some way to go.

I remember that someone has said that blood tests are less useful when on T3 but I am totally confused by these.

Apologies for the long question but I really don't know what to do next and I am sure the GP won't either.

Many thanks jx

TSH 0.11(0.27-4.2)

FT4 10.5(12-22)

FT3 4.3(3.1-6.8)

BH Comments

The total thyroxine level is low, which is diagnostic of hypothyroidism

(underactive thyroid gland). The result is borderline so you may be

asymptomatic currently, or you may be taking thyroxine medication in which

case dose adjustment may be needed. Commonly reported symptoms of

hypothyroidism include fatigue, weight gain, feeling the cold and thinning

hair. Interestingly, the thyroid stimulating hormone is low too, which

raises the possibility of hypopituitarism (underactive pituitary gland,

which would lead to an underactive thyroid gland as well) - further testing

would be advisable.....

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Since I have been taking T3 my TSH has been low and this is meant to happen. Search on TSH and you will get comprehensive info on why. I think you might feel better if your T3 was higher in the range as this is the active hormone which is doing the work. T4 is the storage hormone. I felt really ill with a full range of underactive symptoms when my Ft3 was about your level, but we are all different. I noticed a considerable improvement when I increased my T3 to 10 3x per day and went to mid range.( I also take 112.5 thyroxine following thyroidectomy for Graves - I have tried going higher on T4, but it doesn't work for me ) Many people say they feel good with their T3 in the top of range, but not over. S


Thanks for this Sandy. I must say that I was disappointed that my T3 had not really increased since I started on the tabs. It must be down to reduction in t4. I plan to get the Levo back to 100 and if I still don't feel better then try the 3 doses as you do. What times do you take the t 3? Jx


I take first dose at about 7 am, a further dose 5 hours later and final dose about 6 hours after that. I swallow the first dose with my thyroxine on an empty stomach and dissolve the other 2 doses under my tongue. S x


Thanx. Jx


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