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Test Results

Hi Guys,

To cut a long story short I have a thyroid cyst. Went to docs because of this lump and she sent me for a blood test. This came back slightly overactive and suggested another test in 6 weeks. The results have just come back from this test and they are higher than before. I have obtained my test results but for some reason they gave me a copy of a full blood count and the second Thyroid Function Test, these are the results:

Serum TSH Level 0.03miu/L (0.3 - 5.6)

Serum free T4 level 18.100pmol/L (7.8 - 14.4)

Endo comment: Consistent with thyrotoxicosis.

(MT172) - higher than previously - discuss at review

Should I be on medication?? I havent been contacted to make an appointment, should I just make one?

I am going back to my consultant about my thyroid cyst on Wednesday as I had a FNA done and 6 days later the cyst is back and causing discomfort. He has done an antibodies test I believe, not sure if that is all but I will get the results on Wednesday and discuss where we go from here. Will take these results too in case they come in handy.

I am very new to this so would welcome your thoughts.

Joy xx

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Hi Neve,

I am not sure if I am following this correctly or not. Are you still waiting for the biopsy to come back from the cyst/nodule?I am not totally convinced that you are over dosed, guessing that at the moment you are just on T4 ( levo). The T4 is too high and can make you feel ill. The symptoms of Hypo can be the same as symptoms of Hyper, mine were when overdosed, my endo says not so unusual. However, above all you need a FT3 test with the tSH, T4 and FT3 ( on line if necessary, a lot of us used Blue Horizon, as well known to docs).I think it is quite possible that you are not converting the T4 properly to Free T3, in the body, very common. However,only the bloods for all 3 will tell you that.

Your TSh is on the low side, so if this is the case, you may need to find an Endo who will still treat you with T3, as it lowers the TSH a little.

it is important ,also, yo think about how you feel.?

If you are confident with your Endo, then I should phone the secretary and ask for an early appointment or cancellation. If this is no good, write a letter on the sec. e mail address to be passed over, most reliable method.

One thing, it is always a good idea to ask exactly what bloods are being taken, by law Phlebotomist has to tell you , if asked, other wise assault.I find that very useful.

best wishes,


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Hi Jackie

Thanks for replying.

Yes I am seeing my consultant tomorrow to get my results from FNA and he also did a blood test. I am not on any medication at all at present, just had the two blood tests at doctors, first one came back slightly overactive and second one has gone higher. Despite asking I didnt get a copy of my first thyroid blood test from docs so will get hold of that also. I am surprised that doc hasnt asked me to go in, she was quick to do it after my first blood test. Will see consultant tomorrow and then make an appointment to see doctor.

Joy xx


Hi Joy, then if not on any meds, I would go along with the treatment she suggests for over active, however, essential to keep an eye on the blood If it is autoimmune , especially Graves, it can swing like this. It makes it very trick and important to keep a close eye on blood tests. If you start any treatment, be sure to have another thyroid test, ideally TSH, T4 and Free T3, 6 weeks after starting treatment.Unfortunately, not safe to go just by how you feel

If Endo good , she should have also tested,hormonal vit D, if needs treatment script ,after a test for corrected calcium, then retest 3 months, autoimmune and hormonal B12 + foliates and Diabetes, should be annually if Ok, 4 months after starting if need treatment. B12 needs to be high i range. The other important test is ferritin/iron, needs to be clearly in range. It is good to ask them to write on the form, to also do the absorption %. However, Endo should have done them ,if good.

I hope it goes well tomorrow.



Hi Jackie

I unfortunately dont have an endo, the endo comment was just made by the endo at the hospital who checked my blood test results, these were then sent back to my doctor but I havent heard anything from her.

Got the day off tomorrow so will see consultant and make an appointment to see my doctor in the afternoon. Thanks again. xx


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