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Im curious at to if my watery itchy eyes are just an allergy or infection or something to do with thyroxine? Ideas?

I am sitting by the coal fire more these days and I do have dry eyes syndrome anyway but last two days I upped my thyroxine by 25 up to 75 as wasnt noticing any difference in my symtoms....originally doc said to take 150 but I not been doing that as is a bit high to start with I think.

I have no 'eye' dea if connected or not. They is itchy a bit watery and a little red. I have not noticed any other difference on 75 dont feel any different just the eyes really. I doc ap next week....only been on it a wee while.

I put it back to 50 now to see if it goes away or is an allergy or summit. fanks.

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The coal fire could be doing it. I get sore, itchy eyes with a coal fire. Dry itchy eyes can also be a symptom of hypothyroidism though.

I agree that 150 is a bit high to start on unless you are very hypo or have had a TT. You may find that you need to go back up to 75mcg, or even 100mcg, sooner rather than later though. I suppose you need to see what happens over the next couple of weeks following your decrease. It's such a minefield isn't it!

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Carolyn x


Yup ...I agree. I will see how I am on 50 for a few days and then try again on 75. Thanks muchly for replying...hope you are doing okay x


hi there anuba, I would suggest that you get checked for T.E.D. [ thyroid eye disease ] as your symptoms appear to be some of those listed for ted ---- either your endo or a good optician can check for you .....alan


If you have dry eyes are you using your drops /whatever regularly enough? You need to use them regularly throughout the day even when your symptoms clear up. Also ask for preservative free drops in case it is the preservative that is irritating them

My eyes are always bad when I have been travelling in the car for any length of time. When my eyes feel bad I steam my face with a facial sauna, keep stuffing preservative free eye drops in as often as I can and hold a flannel wrung out in hot water over them. I know I'm lazy about using eye drops so I'm really guilty of stopping using the drops as soon as my eyes feel better.

My eyes always water if they are dry - weird but that's how eyes work. Can't say the amount of thyroxine I was taking seemed to make any difference to how my eyes felt.


Sympathies. Dry, itchy eyes - along with insomnia, brittle falling hair and weight gain - are the side effects of thyroid meds that I find most difficult. I'm using NDT now, which helps with the insomnia (the worst side effect, to my mind) but doesn't seem to be helping with any of the others. I use a computer quite a lot, and of course that just exacerbates the dry eye problem. I use the 'Actimist' spray (which may not be called quite that) which you squirt onto closed eyes (can't abide eye drops). This helps, at least temporarily. Wilkos do it most cheaply (cheap it ain't anywhere) and they also do their own version for about a fiver.


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