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Toilet troubles :(

Hello everybody

Sorry about this, I'm a bit embarrassed, I started nature throid on 7th nov so not long and I am not yet up to my correct doseage. Feeling pretty rotten... Very emotional, tired and hypo

The real problem is severe constipation, it's been like this for a few days, I drink a lot of water, I've been using softening teas and glycerin suppositories but it's still like rocks

It is messing with my head, I pray it's only a temporary issue but if anyone has any suggestions? I saw a thread about magnesium citrate, I used to take those for migraines, do I need to add ANOTHER tablet to my already extensive list? x

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Hi traisey! Know how you feel and it's not nice at all. I tried lots of different methods, especially on the "over the counter" laxatives, but the thing that worked for me was eating lots of veg and fruit and a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. We're all different, but it might be worth a try if you haven't already done so. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.........



Thank you, I have had this for years so usually just try to manage with diet and the methods i mentioned but this past week it has been another level!

I just hope it's a symptom of the lower dose and not a sign of things to come... I need to be patient but how can I when I can go to the loo :(


When i was first diagnosed 11 years ago constipation was a real issue. However, once I started levo my system gradually returned to normal and it hasn't bothered me since. Perhaps things will return to normal for you when you are adequately medicated.

Too much Vitamin C can give me the runs, and as it is a pretty harmless vitamin perhaps you should give it a try and see if it helps until you get your meds up.



I actually have stopped taking my normal vitamins as there are just too many other things to take at the moment but maybe ill give that a go... Does vitamin c interfere with anything?

Thanks for the help! x


There is a school of thought that recommends eating more fat (eg sausages or meat, or coconut oil or flax oil if you are veggie), and says that adding fibre that isn't included naturally in food actually makes things worse. Worth a try. See this site:

I have the opposite problem so I can't give advice.

Magnesium is a laxative and most of use are deficient in it.


It's so bloody hard.... My diet is pretty minimal as I don't want to put on more weight so I'm sure that doesn't help

Going round in circles! Am deffo going to try the vit c I've done some reading just now and it does seem to work... Although can cause other not so nice issues

I have mag citrate at home might as well take some of those too x


Hi, Vit C is one of the recommended vits for Hypothyroid. It seems you can't take anything within 2hours or more with thyroid medication. I usually find a few nut help. But not peanuts, walnuts or almonds they say they inhibit absorbency of thyroid secretion . If I have got that right? Best of luck. Kathy21


Hi Traisey, lentils, chick peas, red kidney beans, mango, baked sweet potato with butter really helps me. Swap your pasta to wholegrain, rice to brown rice, bread to wholegrain with seeds if you haven't already. Drink plenty of plain water. If you can manage a walk this helps the poo move along in your bowel. Forgot pears are good too. If all else fails I take Regucol from Holland and Barrett. You mix it in a big glass of water and swig it down in one. The stuff swells up in water and gets quite squidgy, it pushes all the hard poo out, but you must keep drinking plain water at least a glass every hour.

My ideal meal for a good poo is chilli con carne with a baked sweet potato with butter followed by a whole fresh mango!! I know we all want to lose weight but a bit of fat won't hurt, it helps to soften poo and lubricate things.

Good luck. X

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Try live yogurt. Ging


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