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T3 Troubles

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I have been on T3 and T4 for several years and have my symptoms under control. I moved from England to Wales last year and the Dr's cannot prescribe T3. I have a letter from my Endo supporting my need to be on T3 and am going for a Individual Funding Request. This may take time. In the meantime I have a private prescription for T3. Does anyone know of any 'easy' paths to take in order to get hold of it? My chemist quoted £500 + for 100 tablets, this equates to 8 days worth !! I'm not prepared to be ill just because of the politics in getting the meds I need, but I'm not able to afford those crazy prices either. I feel so frustrate. Please, if anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be so grateful. Thank you

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ThyroidUK has information on how to obtain T3 with prescription


It's possible that sending your prescription to Germany may be the cheapest option, details towards the end of the article.

thank you ;)

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Thybon Henning 20mcg T3 from Germany is only available in boxes of 100

So prescription should read

Liothyronine 20mcg x 100 tablets

Cost 31 euros plus p&p

with private GP script I got 25mcg of cytomel x 210 tablets ( 7 months worth for me ) for £340 yesterday from an independent local chemist … my own chemist wanted £ 900 ! What dose of T3 are you on ?

I'm going with the European option for now, way cheaper. Hopefully I will still feel the same benefit. If not , I will be asking for the phone number of your chemist ;)

Hi Dollyflop2010. Could you just confirm that you need 100 tablets of T3 every 8 days? If that's not a typo ( ;-) ) I take it you have a form of resistance to thyroid hormone?

My maths is rubbish lol. The tablets they were prescribing were 2.5mcg capsules. so I have to take 8 per day to achieve 20mcg. I have tried T4 alone at 250mcg per day but still ill. My extensive blood tests revealed that I don't convert t4 to t3. My new prescription (after seeing endo chap last week) is 100 t4 and 20 T3 , bloods to be repeated in 8 weeks. For the first time in 20 years, it was explained to me about the dangers of having very low TSh, he wants me to avoid that.

I understand now. :-)

You may want to do some reading around the forum on the alleged dangers of low TSH. There is only a loose association with the problems claimed by the mainstream profession. The vital point is that replacement thyroid hormone should restore your health, even if the TSH goes very low when you reach that stage.

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