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Thyroid troubles

I have seen my GP twice in the past months due to new symptoms I have experienced. I am a petite woman and gained 12 pounds in 2 months which I have never done in a year, feel nauseated and tired all the time, constant daily migraine headache and I told the GP I feel I have a lump on my thyroid because it's difficult to swallow. Well they did a thyroid ultrasound that was normal and said my thyroid test came back on the low end but felt she didn't need to treat and repeat in a few months. My mom has hypothyroidism and had a goiter near the age of 20 removed. The GP says my constant migraine that will not budge is not due to thyroid. I have Fibromyalgia as well so the GP says the weight gain could be from being tired and not as active. Again I have never gained weight like this! I have a lot of fluid retention in my fingers and ankles and suffer from Raynauds syndrome as well. I have a blood clotting condition Factor V Leiden Where my blood flows slower and I have had a blood clot in the past so no hormone drugs for me. Someone please give me some advice as I can't take the exhaustion and migraine much longer. I have already been to ER a week ago for a morphine cocktail and it took the pain away to sleep but it is back full force and it makes it very difficult to work!

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Hi T, are they saying you cannot take thyroid hormone because of your blood clotting condition? I don't have the same thing but I've had a blood clot on my lung at one time and I do take thyroid hormone. I could not take estrogen though. Which hormone are they talking about?

Ask to see your results. You certainly sound as if you have hypothyroid symptoms. It is a shame you have to continue to suffer while they wait for you to deteriorate. Can you find another doctor to see? Perhaps someone here can suggest one in your area.

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Dear Heloise

I am unable to take oestrogen too. I have been taking sage and eve primrose as i gather its a copy oestrogen hormone,.if this helps anyone selse reading this ,,

unfortunately i cant advise on anything the first questioner asked as i am no gp or endo,,

but as far as hormones go i find this helps a little and there are homeopathic remedys too .

kind regards


ps i do hope the first questioner gets some help,, im sure this is the best place xx


I used to get daily headaches but found out that when I eliminated caffeine from my diet they stopped. Now very rare I get a headache. May be worth a try, but if you do, give it at least a fortnight as it doesn't improve straight away.


As your thyroid test came back at the low end I would ask your GP if you could try a trial for three months. That gives you chance to try a starting dose and providing it doesn't upset you up it to see if it makes a difference. Have you got the results? Could you ask for them if not and post them on here with the ranges. It makes it easier to offer good advice.

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Hi, I sorted out my migraines by going on a gluten and dairy free diet. Worth a try but you need to give it a month or so. If you do have a go don't switch to the so called "free-from" foods sold in supermarkets, they are not real food, stick to unprocessed foods. Good luck. Holly

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I am sorry you are suffering so much. We have to read and learn as much as possible as, once diagnosed and given medication the doctors believe 'that's it' job's done. Everything else we complain about is (they say) nothing to do with the thyroid gland.

Please get a new blood test and have it as early as possible. Ask for a Full Thyroid Function Test, it may not be done if your TSH is in range but there's no harm in asking. At the same time check your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate. Don't take medication on the morning of your blood test take it afterwards but if you've eaten leave 2 hours either side of medication.

Get a print-out of your blood tests, with the ranges (these are very important) and post on a new question.

Some members have to get private blood tests which have proved effective for diagnosis.

Read the following link and you will know something your doctor definitely doesn't:-

I feel well at present but I still have a feeling of lump in throat. I always have to make sure I have a drink when eating something, just in case. I think too our throat may be dry.


Magnesium can help with headaches or, rather, a deficiency can cause them. I used to get really bad migraine, but T3, removing gluten and taking magnesium has mostly stopped them. Also my adrenals are much better now, which I think helps. Fibromyalgia can be a symptom of hypo (as well as other things) it's not a disease in its own right, but a symptom of other problems. Have you had thyroid blood tests as well as ultra sound? I'd ask for a referral to an endo (get the list of sympathetic ones from Louise). It's crazy that you can get a dangerous, addictive drug like morphine at the drop of a hat, but not thyroxine or T3.

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Poor you. To ignore your family history, when thyroidism runs in families, is careless. And to guilt you for your lack of energy and weight gain is cheap. And brutal. Try and raise the energy to write to your practice head and complain about her (unless she IS the practice head - not uncommon!).

Put in the letter also that you need to be referred to a thyroid-specialising Endocrinologist urgently (try and avoid the ones that are mainly to do with diabetes). Louise Warville has a list of people who know what they're doing. Mention that you're finding it difficult to work when you're so unwell (and getting no satisfactory diagnosis, let alone treatment).

Feel better!


If the lump is on the Inside of the thyroid, next to the oesophagus, it would press on it and cause swallowing problems but the ultrasound probably wouldn't pick it up.

It's true that low magnesium can cause migraines - and many other things! Have a look here :

Hugs, Grey


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