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Entertaining episode at the pharmacy yesterday over dispensing of brands

Yesterday I handed in my prescription for 56 x 100, 50 and 25 levothyroxine - I take 100mcg 4 days a week and 75mcg the other 3. Very quickly my name was called out and a lady asked me if I had 5 minutes to review my medication etc. I went into the interview room and she pulled up my records and asked me to sign a page agreeing to the review and saying that it was confidential but could be disclosed to my GP, that was fine with me.

She asked me how I was getting on and I said I was OK right now but what caused me problems was when they kept changing my brands - I might be OK now but I'd had a difficult 4-6 weeks when Eltroxin vanished and I had to go onto Mercury Pharma and it took a while to adapt. She checked my record and saw that my preference was for Eltroxin - so at least I know that's recorded. I said I was happy with Actavis or Mercury Pharma but I could not tolerate Wockhardt - it had made me very nauseous and unwell and I would not go there again. They always try to give it to me, despite it being on my record, and I always have to have it changed. She checked and confirmed it was on my record. She said there was no reason to be given brands I did not want - that they had 3 branches and multiple suppliers and could source whatever I need - and that I must always check and insist on having the brand I want. Wonderful I thought.

She asked me about general health and diet and then asked when I take my levo. I've been told before in that pharmacist that it must be taken first thing in the morning,which I ignore, but I gritted my teeth and said "last thing at night" and followed up with how careful I was to leave a big gap after food and how much better it had made me feel. She hesitated and then said that all sounded fine!

We finished the interview and I went to the counter where my prescription was by then waiting for me. I opened the bag to check and of course as usual the 25mcgs were Wockhardt! The counter assistant was in the middle of telling me that was all they had when she came over, told them to change it, and from nowhere 25s in Mercury Pharma appeared.

What is this all about? I can only think that Wockhardt 25s must be cheaper?

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I bet you're right!


At the level of the individual pharmacy, the difference in cost is no more than tiny.


Reply another mistake then and a case of not reading the notes ....again.....


I heard quite recently that products produced by wockhardt were not consistent and body governing British meds had withdrawn them.


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