What can i do about my chronic, huge, painful mouth ulcers?

Hi all,

I am surprised to still be getting these since i cut out gluten a year ago as i know they are associated with coeliac.

I cannot remember a time when i did not have a mouth ulcer.

I often have 2 or 3 at a time. At present i am extremely stressed to the point i am off work (unrestorative as the issues with my hostile employer will still be there when i go back).

Now i have the biggest, pus filled ulcers i have ever had. I know it is stress related, just like the recurring anal fissures from chronic diarrhoea (my work environment is quite literally a pain in the arse). I have lost 2 kg in 10 days also.

So i knew it was time to remove myself (again) from the poisonous environment.

I have read some very curious home cures for the mouth ulcers.Does anyone have some tried and tested ideas please? I am in so much discomfort (at both ends) i just cannot tell you

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  • This is a link of natural remedies which may bring relief.


    If not, see your GP.

  • I think I read that low B12 might be a cause?

  • Most certainly low B12 and/or folate levels need to be checked and treated appropriately.

    This article (full text and pictures available without registration) may be of interest:



  • Definitely B12/folate, the weight loss and diarrhoea are also symptoms. Try this symptom checker:


    More info here:


  • I meant to also mention zinc, which is commonly deficient in Coeliac Disease:


    Try and get zinc and copper tested, both could be low, and if you just take a zinc supplement you will deplete copper further. You can get Zinc 20mg Balanced with Copper 1.25mg from Higher Nature.

  • You might try acidophilus capsules.


  • I found a good routine : Brush thoroughly, floss, use an antibacterial mouthwash and gargle, then finish up with a rinse and gargle with a small amount of Difflam - use the minimum necessary to swish round all surfaces then spit. I get fewer, smaller mouth ulcers doing this than I've had in years, but I've never found a total cure.

  • Hi mouth ulcers have been a recurring theme for me and you can no longer buy the adcortyl paste which seemed to help most. But dental hygienist recommended to avoid any dental product with Lauryl Sulphate. I haven't had ulcers since I changed to Aloe Vera toothpaste as my main one and sensodyne pronamel as a tooth treat. When they flare up food sensitivities seem to increase dramatically and stress is a key trigger for me too. Know the work related one very well. I didn't know they can be linked to coeliac - interesting as my son is currently being tested further for coeliac possibility.

    Hope they subside soon. PS I am on Vit B supplements too.

  • Whatever the cause of your mouth ulcers, swishing with Corsodyl mouthwash can be extremely good at reducing the pain and making them go away quickly as whatever first caused them the reason they are so painful is because they are hot spots for Bacteria and then they get really inflamed, sore and painful. This mouthwash will help loads. Use as soon as you spot one. A lack of B vitamins might be the reason for them.

  • Be sure to have this checked out thoroughly. My son suffered recurrent mouth ulcers, it was the first symptom of Behcets disease. The diarrhoea could also be a symptom. It is a rare condition in the UK and often goes undiagnosed.

  • Check for any possible inflammation as colitis or IBD also and very Likly your iron and vitamin are low . Avoid coffe chocolate any caffeine and try echinacea and colostrum as it's possible your immune system needs a boost. I would also advise a good b complex daily for your adrenal and some ginsing tablets . Hope this helps. David herbalist

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