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Where can I find info about employment rights, please?

A few days ago I was called into see my boss as someone at work had mentioned that I was unwell to him. Now it looks like I may have to stop the work I am doing even though my boss agrees that I've been doing a really good job and have only had one day off this year. He was wondering whather I could continue in the line of work I am doing.

I can understand he had to ask the question as I am responsible for the safety of others but it seems so unfair when I've been at work and working very hard to maintain a very good standard of work.

Because I now work part time, I have managed to keep my appointments out of work time but now have an appointment which needs a day off work and I have been asked to meet with him afterwards to discuss my employment further. He is very supportive and will make appropriate changes but I feel very upset when I know I have been doing a good job that I may need to change the job I love.

Is there a link please to any site which can give me information regarding stopping/changing work due to health reasons?

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Hi Mary Kay, here's a link to ACAS they have loads of info. They offer an abitration service so they have advice for both the employee and employer. You should find what you want there. Might also be worth reading up on the Disability Discrimination Act. Good luck.


Irene, many thanks for the information. Thank you for such a quick reply too. :)


Are you a member of any trade union or other body?

They can be very helpful.



Yes, one of the major national unions for a number of years; although I have never needed to contact them before. Dependent upon the outcome of the appointment, I may contact them just for some further advice and support in the decision making process.

Many thanks for the supportive responses. It's been so helpful just to be able to write what's going on.

Many many thanks also for all those who administer this forum and to those who have taken the tiem to respond to my question. I feel now that should I need further support, I shall know who to approach.


HI, sorry to just jump in but I was advised that if you have an illness that lasts for at least 12 months and is continuing you are covered under DDA. I had some time off two years ago and it came out then (and when I requested a fan to help keep me cool, the advice from HR to manager was to comply with my request under DDA).

Would there be any reason why your illness could compromise others safety? Please consider consulting the union rep before the meeting. Maybe unecessary, but if you are called to a management meeting you are entitled to have an indepenent minute taker there as well

I hope all goes well.



Thanks DoubleM. Yes my current job involves a high level of responsibility for the safety of others and I need to be fully alert and well. There has been nothing at all to give doubt about the way I have been working or the quality of care given to those I care for, but my boss just wants reassurance that my health issues won't compromise the safety of others.


Might be worth contacting your MP.



In a similar position myself.

Got good free advice from GLP Solicitors of Manchester. Spoke to them and we are using mediation to resolve.

Are you in a union or most house or mortgage insurances give you legal support. I had got to the point of asking for voluntary severance as my boss was so unsupportive (you have the Equality Act 2010) legal safeguard but is better not to use it.

GLP have some useful guides on their web site and it can't hurt to know where you stand. Obviously caveat emptor applies as I am not a solicitor.

Hope all works out well.


<b>Updated on Feb 4 2011 1:10PM:</b> Mary my job is very safety critical and I find that I can work smart, I can work creatively but I can't do either of these for 80 hrs a week anymore! I am serious about 80 hrs too.



Many thanks for all the supportive replies.

After more time to think, I don't feel now that redeployment to another job still using some of my skills would be such a bad experience. I think that because I love my current job that i was just a bit shocked initially at the thought of doing something else but this may just be an opening for something new and equally enjoyable.

Paul, thank you for sharing your experience and the advice you have offered too. I hope you will find a good solution to your situation and that you will find happiness in whatever direction your career takes you now.

A year ago I didn't even know what a thyroid was! Now I can see just how much effect something so little has on every aspect of life. Best wishes to everyone else who is also adapting to new lifestyles and experiences.


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