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Can anyone give advice regarding my thinning hair (under active thyroid)?

I am 27 and was diagnosed with an under active thyroid approx 6 months ago. When I first had my bloods tested I was told I had a score of 22 and after a month after I started my medication (50mg levothyroxine) my bloods then came back as 3. I was told this was a healthy range and that I should continue with this medication and have my bloods taken annually. I have much more energy and my skin isn't as dry but my hair is so thin and keeps falling out lots especially in the shower. Other than this I am in good health and am a healthy weight at 5ft5 9st7. Can anyone give an help or advice?

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It would be worth asking your surgery for a printout of your blood results, you're perfectly entitled to request this.

Many of us are suffering from thinning hair and sometimes it can be caused by low ferritin. It may also be useful to check you're adequately medicated on Vit D and B12.

I've lost a huge amount of hair but test results have shown that I'm sufficiently medicated so don't really know what else I can do!


Although your GP says your TSH at 3 is fine, although it is the 'normal' range we should aim for a TSH1 or below.

If you buy the booklet from Amazon by Dr Toft, it is helpful read i and point out to your GP some points on it your GP should get more knowledge. He should take notice of it.

50mcg is a starting dose only and should be increased by 25mcg till you have no symptoms and TSH 1 or below.

This is an archived link and if you cursor to the question dated November 25, 2002 there is info which you may find useful.



Having re-read your question (I am not medically qualified), I think your GP is wrong to tell you that you only need an annual blood test - as you are recently diagnosed. It usually takes some months to get to an optimum level. I think your GP needs to monitor your bloods more frequently initially.


Have your iron/ferritin levels checked too as that can cause thinning hair. I find that within a month of taking iron tablets my hair feels stronger and not so much falls out.


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