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Does anyone have experience of Hypo and Lupus together?

I have tested "just positive" (GPs words) to Lupus and been referred to a Rheumatologist. I've been medicated for hypo for 10 years and still have symptoms of muscle and joint pain amongst others. As the symptoms are similar for both diseases I would love to hear from anyone who is both Hypo with Lupus and would appreciate any advice or info in advance of my appointment at the end of December, thanks all :)

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Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I have Crohns/FM/ Hashimotos - which are also auto-immune. Have you had your thyroid anti-bodies tested ? It can happen that when you have one auto-immune condition- another comes along. Auto-immune thyroiditis is the most commen thyroid condition throughout the world. It would be quite important to know - as then you can look at your treatment differently and possibly get to the bottom of things. Auto-immune conditions often start with an unhappy gut...... Sorry can't help with the lupus....


me..i do i do...Im hypothyroid and have mild lupus...


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