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What to take and when?

I currently take 20mcg if T3 split into two doses and 75mcg T4. I also take Vit D, B12 and Gabapentin which is to give me relief from burning mouth and tongue. Can I take supplements together? Do I need to leave a gap between Thyroid meds and others.

The T3 I take on getting up, I then leave up to and hour before eating but I take the other half after my lunch, not sure this is correct as not on empty stomach.

I am confused and any advice would be greatly received.

Nicola x

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I've read articles that state the food and drink is not as much of an issue when taking T3. (unlike T4) Vitamins should almost always be taken with food. Check the label on Gaba. I think I used to take it at bedtime. Often people taking B12 take the sublingual type that by passes the stomach and goes right into the bloodstream so can be taken at your convenience.


Do you take your T3 sublingually?


Food did effect my T3 when I was taking it so I always kept it, at least, an hour away from eating.

Moggie x


It is recommended that supplements are taken 4 hours apart from thyroid medication. Usually, too, on the supplements bottle it says to take with food.


So can I take all vits at the same time then, after evening meal?

I will continue taking T3/T4 an hour before breakfast and next dose of T3 an hour after lunch.

Thank you



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