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What should a good ferratin level be new blood results ?

hi could someone please tell me what a good ferratin level should be? iv just had my blood tests back endo iv been on levo for 3 months now which and my free t4 has dropped to 9.5 again from 11.3 its like banging your head against a wall at the moment i decreased my dose from 100mg of levothyroxint to 75mg the past month and think this could be why levels are down so gone back upto 100mg so i think im sorted with that but the ferratin is 28 ug/L range 11-200 i think this looks low? but here i am again as there in range i know im going to struggle with the nhs doctors can anybody give me some good advice and understanding of these ferratin levels any help really would be fantastic with my battle of getting well again


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Hi Sara

Looks low to me! Why bother having ranges if they are going to be ignored...!? *sigh*

Why did you reduce your levo? Have you got the ranges for the tests?

When did you take your levo before the tests and what time of day were they?

Do you take your levo with water only, at least an hour before food and with a 4 hour gap between iron and/or calcium supplements?

This information will help people to better offer informed support.




this may help

level should be 70-90



thanks roslin this does make mine look low thanks so much for the info



hi louise i know its very frustrating my doctor reduced it as my pulse as very high in 90s and had chest pain i suppose it as his first reaction to try help it did settle down after that the chest pain is back again and pulse is bit high again doc said. been having pain in oneside of thyroid inneck and earache but i i have postpartum thyriodsm which could of caused the high pulse for a short time maybe who knows im now back on the 100mg as dr reconized i need it, iv actually started taking my levo at night with water which is actually about a month ago which i take between 9 and 10 at night as supposed to help absorbtion (not looking like it)i usually have my dinnner at 6ish and take calcium midday ish and supplements alltogether and i suppose one diffrence is i changed the levo to nighttime so i did miss the levo that night as as told not to take the meds before the blood test i had lots of results back but the main ones for thyroid as follows doctor s arranging thyroid scan and heart check to see just to ask louise as your pretty clued up does low iron affect absorbtion?

thyroid antobodies 0.7u/ml 0.0-9.0

freet4 9.6 10-20

tsh 3.6 0.02-10.00

ferratin 28ug/l 11-200

many thanks for your time



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