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Vitamin b12 deficiency or pernicious anaemia? How to know the difference?

Recently you good people explained how my vitamin B 12 was way too was somewhere in the 280 region (reference 225 - 1100).

I am seeing my GP in the week and I need to be knowledgeable. As well as having coeliac disease and an underactive thyroid, I have been diagnosed with UCTD: recently I have been right in the middle of a bad flare - my joint pain has been terrible.

I was wondering whether my low B12 could be affecting my joints. I have been taking joint ace multi vitamin with vitamin D3 and vitamin b12. Clearly it did not raise my vit D so I have taken a sublingual and now I have achieved a good result (101). I have found out recently, despite this multi vit supplement, my B12 is still so low... I have been very unaware until discovering this site that this was so important!

My grandmother had pernicious anaemia... Could this be a factor?

How can I tell if I have B12 deficiency or pernicious anaemia? All suggestions on this would be gratefully received.

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Everything you need to know is here:

There are antibody tests for PA - anti-intrinsic factor, anti-parietal cells, but you can test negative for both and still have the condition. Coeliac disease is a cause of B12 deficiency, as listed in the book Could It Be B12? (Pacholok & Stuart), replicated here:

Having a family history of PA and existing autoimmune diseases significantly increases your risk of having the disorder.



Good luck, I was referred to a haematologist cos I argued a little with my doctor. My first b12 was 180 then 226 then 205 and this last was 260 and they are still saying its normal! My mum had one test with her doctors at 176 and they started her on b12 jabs straight away. Awaiting on results from the intrinsic factor antibodies otherwise it'll just end up me supplementing it myself x


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