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Genova testing - best time to have bloods drawn?

Sorry if this is a subject we keep returning to but I was a little confused by the recent discussion.

I need to arrange for phlebotomy services as I've decided to go the private route and will be having the full thyroid profile through Genova. When would the best time to have blood taken? When I was recently tested (at an NHS hospital) for TSH/T4 the bloods were drawn at 4.30pm and the results were:

TSH - 2.56 [range: 0.3-4.5]; T4 - 12.4 [range: 10-22])

Those who kindly responded when I messaged a few weeks ago stated that they thought my TSH was too high and T4 too low (but both obviously 'in range' as far as the medics are concerned). (Interestingly when I had TSH repeated, this time at 8.30am, the values were lower which I didn't expect.)

Given that I will be contacting an independent nurse/phlebotomist there may be some flexibility with regard to the time (within reason!!) to have the blood drawn.

Your help is greatly appreciated, as always.

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Hi Amanda

Sorry that your question was missed. My understanding is that first thing in the morning, before taking your meds, is the best time to have the bloods taken to get the truest picture. I'm not entirely sure of the biology behind this....




Many thanks Louise. I'm having tests done privately as my GP does not consider the NHS lab results to be significant so I have never been diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

It was the T4 result that seemed the most significant, given that TSH was well 'within range' according to the doctor (see values above). If I've understood correctly, FT4 and FT3 are at their lowest in the late afternoon so that would be the best time for testing if these values were to be considered more important than TSH which is best tested in the morning. Or have I misunderstood?

I have a history of ME - however my fatigue levels have improved significantly since 2007 and I'm able to work as a freelance - but still have residual hypo symptoms (and have had for over 25 years so it really does annoy me when GPs tell me it's the menopause!). Symptoms include extremely cold extremities, feeling the cold and having to go to ridiculous lengths to keep warm, tinnitus, difficulty losing weight (also had rapid weight gain for no reason recently), dry skin, splitting nails, poor memory and difficulty concentrating at times. I noted a recent post about night vision - this is a problem I've also had for some time.

Over the past few weeks I've been recording my basal temperature, which hovers between 96 F (35.5 C) and 97.2 F (36.2 C), though the majority are sub 36 and the average is 35.8 C.

I also have a very slow pulse rate in the morning (low to mid 50s).

I have decided to have private tests done as the GPs are not being helpful (usual story) though I'm not sure how they will react to the Genova results, should they indicate borderline hypo.

Sorry to bombard you with the details! I'm grateful for your support.

Thanks again,



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