Have just purchased Christmas Cards from Thyroid UK - I was concerned there was not any postage added to the final bill....could this be an error ? Do not want Thyroid UK to be out of pocket.....Cards are delightful by the way and very reasonably priced....Apologies if I have posted in the incorrect place - will now check the main website !

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  • I think you'll find they say that prices are calculated to include P&P - far better than other charity sites!

  • Yes - but I am in Crete ! Don't want them to be out of pocket.....

  • Sandi is right, prices do include postage. But do send Louise a PM if you think you should be paying extra for postage to Crete :)

    Click the yellow button on the right of this page to PM Louise:

  • Interestingly there is a drop down menu for you to click the country on the address section - which normally activates a different overseas postage. That didn't happen so thought it best to mention it ! Will do as you suggest ! Thank you !

  • Oops - as soon as I hit submit my brain kicked in and I realised it was you and therefore they needed to go to Crete!

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