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Second Fine Needle Aspiration on thyroid nodule took place yesterday. The Consultant informed me they had found abnormal cells that they could not identify as definitely benign in my previous sample.

I have one of three things - a follicular adenoma, a hyperplastic nodule or a follicular cancer. The first two are benign. If the results are inconclusive again they would opt for surgery to be on the safe side. They recommend removal of half of the thyroid if nodule is malignant. Removal would not take place until January. I should have the results within four weeks.

Feel quite confident this time. Last time my husband and I had concerns that the needle had been inserted in an incorrect place and the bruising this time is in a slightly different position. The ultrasound was used to guide the needle yesterday, previously it had not been used. I think whatever the result this time it will be the correct one I had reservations before. I have about 70% chance benign I think that's pretty high. 4 Endos think it's benign. I think it's pretty good stats in my favour.

Thank you for all your good wishes they meant so much and I hope that I am informing people about thyroid nodules.

The good news that I was told yesterday is that they hope to trial next year two new procedures that should eliminate the need for fine needle aspirations. She said one of the procedures looks very promising! Fingers crossed.

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I am delighted for you that it is over,and also that you are feeling confident that it was done right this time.

It is not pleasant to have to have such things done - of course we put up with them because we want to have the best possible care - but it is stressful.

It's good news that they are trying to find a better way of doing it, anything to reduce the time taken and the stress involved.

All the best to you, I am sure everyone is rooting for you!

Marie XX


News looks good and I am so pleased for you. You are even more relaxed about how the procedure went so lets hope your results in four weeks time are the best they can be.

Also great news that they are hoping to introduce new testing. You'll have to try and find out more.

Moggie x


The consultant said patients don't like FNAs and they hate doing them. They are intrusive and they are not always conclusive. I got the impression that the new procedures had not been "rubber stamped" yet but I definitely feel that they are trying to improve things. If they could just get away from this one treatment fits all mentality which they definitely have, the are avid supporters of thyroxine only they would be providing a far superior service.


Glad things are getting sorted for you. :) xx


Hi chicken12 so glad you feel more confident this time about the procedure it must make you feel easier in your mind. The info in your post is useful to me as my husband is due to have an US and FNA for nodules on Rt anLt thyroid in 2 weeks time so very helpful to us thanks. All the very best to you.


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