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Can you comment on my test results please. GP says they are normal and stable but still don't feel right. Platelets are high

T4. 19.7. (11.5 - 22.7)

T3. 4.9. (3.1 - 6.8)

TSH. 0.298. (0.270 - 4.200)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies 125 IU/ml

(Consistent with auto immune thyroiditis)

Platelets 515. (150-400)

Taking 100mg levothroxine

What kind of range should T3 T4 TSH be in?

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This doctor treats Hashimoto as an autoimmune condition so differently than an endo. In this series of short 5 minute videos, #7 talks about TPO antibodies.


Thanks Heloise…that is very interesting.


Your thyroid test results seem ok, although free T3 (according to the advices found here and in many books on hypothyroidism) should be closer to the upper range. Your T4 is enough, which means that probably some vital vits or minerals are lacking for convertion to T3. Have you had your levels of b12, iron, ferritin, folic acid, vit d tested?


Ferritin 65.1 (5 - 148)

Have not had others tested. Guess I will have to do that privately! GPs don't seem to be interested if your other readings are stable. Thanks for help.


I can really recommend the book "Hashimot's Thyroiditis The Root cause" by Izabella Wentz".

A lot of the problems stem's from the gut, and gut permeability and gluten sensitivity as appose to gluten intolerance. Looking at your levels they are almost identical to mine. My T3 is mid range at 4.80 same range as yours and TSH 0.39 range (0.40 - 5.00) I also take 100 mcgs Levothyroxine.

I'm starting a gluten free diet this week and have been following the candida diet since August and am feeling much better. It's wise to get those vitamins checked that were mentioned above. The book cost around £15 and it will open your eyes. I doubt you will get any information from your doctor!

Good luck


Thanks for that. Will get the vitamins etc checked and take it from there. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Did you find it difficult to cut out gluten, are you constantly checking labels, etc.


I've only just started the gluten free diet yesterday. I did have a bit of a restless night with palpitations last night. This morning when i got out of bed i felt a bit wobbly but as the day progressed I've had a mixture of feeling a bit drunk but have had more energy. I've spent some time on the internet this morning and apparently you can have withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can last a few weeks or a few months (hope not) the signs are i'm on the right track only time will tell. Most of the supermarkets stock a wide range of gluten free products, i was amazed just how much choice there is. It gives me more encouragement to carry on.

Good luck with your vitamin checks as they are very important in getting better.



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