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I have just returned from an appointment at hospital with my husband who is bi polar depressive and waited 18 months 4 today, lovely consultant who is upping his meds arranging ECT but also ......wait for it...............pescribing liothyroinne( T3) to help with its known mood elevator!! how long have I been trying to tell this to my GPs after TT 1999!

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  • Very interesting because I read this recently. A full study had been done and I sent the link to a friend who has a husband with bi-polar and other problems. Hope your husband does well and now it's easy for you to ask your GP for it. I had TT in 2006 and have T3 but more for aches and pains than mood problems. It seems to help in various ways for different people. x

  • hello ,do you happen to know the study, i feel we may be getting somewhere for my husband but i wonder how long I will cope and keep going

  • I ache but exercise every day ,my weight does not alter, and my mood is awful.

  • Have you looked at other means to find the cause of the problem. A session with a Kinesiology might help.

  • I wish I could remember. Am so sorry but I think it was via HU. You know the way people post something interesting for us but the bipolar aspect was not why they had posted. You could try Googling T3 and bipolar and see if it comes up. I will look myself and let you know if I find it. xx

  • Found it! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/triio...

    Hope that is right but it is Wikipedia so must come up somehow if you Google it. Scroll down quite a way until you come to the appropriate section. Hope it helps. xx

  • Thank you ,have you slept!!!! have a good day

  • Well, I might say the same to you! You must also be an early riser. Mornings are my best time. What do you think of the study? I feel hopeful for you. x

  • I've gone through this. After suffering from depression for a while and no effects on anti depressants went to a different psychiatrist who did a blood test and diagnosed under active thyroid. Lately not well again want to change my treatment but no lucky so far

  • well done hope things improve soon for both of you. a change is a coming I feel it in my bones lol x

  • Excellent news for your husband pottyrai. I was wondering if a full thyroid profile had been done or if the T3 idea was just that. There is some sort of twisted irony that you have wanted this yourself but hope you will now be successful in your quest. Good luck to both of you

  • great news - really hope it makes a big difference - as you say change is in the air : )

  • I've got Graves Disease and and had a TT in June, my Endo prescribed t3 to go with my t4 a month ago, I'm supplementing with 50+ multivitamins , selenium and high b12 complex vitamins and my moods are much much better, I was diagnosed bi-polar 18 mths ago but I ignored that and threw those meds out, knowing it was my Graves Disease causing the mood swings. I'm getting rid of my painful gall-bladder next week so by Christmas I should be all fixed and raring to go. Big hugs to everyone, your advice on here has being terrific, I've learnt so much, even my brain is working a lot better, just got my silly eyes to sort, I've ordered some more special specs and the lovely man gave me lots of discount. Just wish I could get an NHS dentist to fix my rotting toxic mercury filled teeth, he he he even my crown are falling out, Mrs Gappyteeth with popping eyes, I look a fright, he he he, I'd better not go out on Halloween they'll all think I'm in costume....big hugs xxx

  • Just goes to show how much listening is part of any consultation and treatment!

  • About the ECT;u dont mean electro-convulsive therapy do u?hope not,unless he'd want to loose some brain cells;it damages the brain(memory loss etc..)..barbaric outdated practice!Hope t3 helps ;i have known that psychiatrists do prescribe it; but for depression(didnt know for mania?.)

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