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I Want To Have A Drink


Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone has Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, and drinks alcohol on occasion. I haven’t had a drink in almost a year, since I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. In December of last year, my TSH was 71. Today, 10 months later, my test results were:




I would love to be able to comfortably enjoy a nice glass of wine, or an occasional drink or 2, (or 3) LOL. No, but seriously....does anyone here drink? Without consequences?

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i’m hypo with hashimotos too , this is the first i’ve heard that maybe i shouldn’t be drinking . i’m not on any medication yet , currently in process of trying to get properly diagnosed . i have about 2-3 glasses of wine a week and don’t think it affects me . however i have noticed the last two big night outs where i drank more , i had the worst hangovers of my life that lasted two days . red wine seems to be fine but anything else i’m starting to shy away from due to how ill i was after . i never used to get hangovers ever . this could also be down to my age as i’m 39 . will be interested to see other reply’s from your question . thanks for posting

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Thanks. I have been wanting a nip or two, but afraid of intolerance......

I was only told to give up alcohol temporarily to reduce inflammation and allow my gut and liver to heal (which helps get antibodies down) - but now you've let all that happen, a glass of something every so often should be ok. I drink maybe once or twice a month, depending on what social commitments I have. I try to avoid wine because sulphites are an issue for me, but some people are ok with sulphites.

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Thank you. I plan on having red wine tonight.

I'm hypo/Hashi's - although probably not so much Hashi's now, as my thyroid is dead - and I'm 73. And, I enjoy a drink now and then. Usually Sunday lunchtime. A gin and tonic or a glass of champagne, or something. But, only one. I find I don't appreciate a second glass, these days, it seems superfluous. And, I don't appreciate wine as much as I used to, either. But I never suffer any ill effects. Never have. I've had one memorable hang-over in my life, and only one. But then, I don't like getting drunk. Just mellow. :)

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Sometimes life is just too much without a little dose of 'mellow' to cope.

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Absolutely. :)

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A celebratory mellow moment: I had a left atrial appendage closure in January which enabled me to wean off anticoagulants(for atr. fib) completely. My absolutely last dose of medication was on July 29th. So I took the last dose with a glass of champagne. My electrophysiologist laughed. He thinks outside the box too!

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Thank you. Yeah me too. I don’t want to get drunk, just a nice mellow buzz....

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Exactly. :)


Like WeeB, I’ve never heard that we shouldn’t drink alcohol when hypo.

My great-aunt had, and was treated for, an under-active thyroid for over forty years, yet enjoyed a daily tipple. She lived to be 93.

For my part, I have between 3 and 5 glasses of red wine a week and have not noticed any disadvantages. Only benefits😊.

As reallyfedup123 indicates, a glass or two of your favourite tipple can give you a welcome boost!



Thank you. I plan to try a small glass of red wine and see how that goes.

Yes indeed. I plan to try to enjoy a taste...

I have Hashi's and Pernicious Anaemia and have no problem enjoying my G&T or a glass of wine most evenings. If I'm socialising (not often!), I may have more but rarely enjoy/have than more a second glass as i suddenly find i don't want it, which is no bad thing! Some people are totally intolerant to alcohol but I'm fine, in moderation. If I force a second drink when I don't fancy it, I feel dreadful so it's just not worth it. You just need to find what suits you. I don't feel any better if I don't drink at all. ..I did tryit, honest! 😆

ZakiB in reply to Missd66

Thank you. It’s good to know from some people that a little taste won’t cause any problems. 😁

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