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Stopping medication

In 2002 I had a partial thyroidectomy and started Eltroxin about one year later. I am finding the switch from Eltroxin to a different thyroid medication difficult and am wondering if my thyroid function has improved. How do I do this? Just stop my meds and see the results at my next blood test in 2 months? Slowly reduce the amount of meds? Icam booked in to see a kiniesiologist so am exploring that route too. All advice gratefully received.

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If you have have been on thyroid gland medication since 2002, I doubt your thyroid gland would produce enough. I can quite understand you having difficulty with a changeover from Eltroxin but wouldn't stop or reduce as you could mess up your metabolism altogether.

I would have a new blood test, get a copy of the results including the ranges and post on a new question for comments. It may be that the addition of some T3 would suit you added to a reduced T4.


I have informed the doctor and am awaiting her call. My plan is to have kiniesiology and get supplement support for my thyroid. I know I can get dessicated bovine thyroid from my kiniesiologist having been in discussion with them. Having researched endlessly over the past two weeks, it seems the additional side effects from thyroxine et el can be raised blood pressure and food intolerences, both of which I have. I need to take control of my med and not be passive in this area, and I would prefer a more natural route if possible. It might not be possible, but I want to see. it seems the withdrawal of eltroxin has been a wake up call for me and an opportunity to discuss everything with my health givers. Currently they are very negative about NDT saying they cannot vouch for the effecacy. My point is when my meds are changed they cant vouch for thier effcacy either. They may say they are the same, made in the same factory etc but are the ingredients from the same source. I dont think they can be, otherwise I would react the same to them all!


NDT saying they cannot vouch for the effecacy

That is a very ridiculous statement and checking history you'll find thyroxine has had this very problem in the past.

From my reading, bovine does not have the strength and potency of porcine.

I took Armour thyroid for 10 years and did not have a problem with dosage.


I would like to try the porcine NDT but so far am hitting a brick wall which is making me mad! Grrrr.


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