update on 'ali ali everywhere '

just a quick update on my previous post ....... the final total that is winging its way to louise from this venture is £216.55p .....a tidy sum ----- if anyone else would like to contribute to this I am certain that all or any donations would be greatly appreciated ===== it would give the good people that volunteer there time,knowlege,experience and empathy to help all of us a great boost and prove that they ARE GREATLY THOUGHT OF -----so come on all you good people that use this site TIME TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED ......alan gardner

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  • Alan,

    Thanks for showing what can be done with a bit of thought and dedication.


  • no problem at all rod......I know that the little that I have done WILL be appreciated by all ....alan

  • I agree very much with helvella. You've done a great job.

  • correction ...I have done a small job , it is ALLyou guys and gals that put all the effort in 24/7 that are doing the GREAT job ....... this is my way of recognising and thanking you all and I hope you all continue to walk tall with pride in what you have and are achieving .....thank you all for being there with the help that you give to us all.....YOU HAVE MY RESPECT .....alan

  • Good Morning Alan,

    Thanks for your kind words, but I believe ALL of us on this forum who contribute either through our experiences, or like yourself raising funds (quite difficult these days), or by giving support one way or another is what makes the forum so successful. When you think collectively from the smallest effort upwards it then becomes very substantial.

    Best wishes

  • i cannot put it more suciently [suck sinkltely ] .....than you have ....through my experiences , with my lady [very bad ] , have not been as bad as some , ---- all I have done is to return some of the karma that all of yoooooos people have been able/capable and given ourselves through OUR difficult times ----we are towards the end of that damn tunnel now ====== all thanks and respect to YOU GOOD PEOPLE ...==== KEEP THE FAITH and always remember ---karma [ good or bad ] will ALWAYS RETURN ......because IT WILL RETURN TO YOU ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alan

  • That's great Alan. I don't really have any spare money as been off work ill for three years and I know that is the case for many on here however I just got a little bit of money for my birthday so would now like to make a small donation. Do I pay you or send a cheque to thyroid uk?


  • just 2 suggestions ,....... enjoy your birthday and splurge yourself ,...[ aftrer 3 years YOU need it ] ...... but always remember that you will have the where with all when you at that time ----AND YOU WILL REMEMBER ---- [ don't forget when you win the lottery ]---- whatever you decide I can only say THANK YOU FOR CARING ------we are in this together ...LoL.....alan ........ps as I don't know how young you are I can only say ' as old as I look ' I HAD A BLOODY HARD PAPER ROUND '---- but the other 'arf ' still luvs me [I hope] ....alan

  • I was 40 Alan! I appreciate your kind comments and suggestions and will treat myself to something but I am going to donate a small amount to Thyroid UK as they deserve it and your efforts are very admirable. x

  • Hi Pink

    If you would like to send a little something...

    Thyroid UK

    32 Darcy Road

    St Osyth

    Clacton on Sea


    CO16 8QF

    Thanks v much! :) xxx

  • I have written a cheque Louise I've just got to make it out to buy a stamp and post it! It's not for a lot or rather for as much as I would love to give but every penny helps hey! I hope that once I am well enough I will be able to help raise funds myself through sponsored events, and of course once working again, make some donations :-) x

  • My cheque has been posted Louise x

  • thank you so much for your support in this venture lily , I am certain that the people that we all rely on will get a morale boost and will have a couple of smiles on their faces for what we have done ....<<<hugs>>>> ....LoL alan xxx

  • Thank so much! :) xxx

  • hi there louise , only me yet again .....I have just received a missive from 'MARY52' .....can you contact her to let her know how to 'KUM ON BORD' ....she would like to make a donation to increase our venture ....... as I said it is all going to help ......alan xxx

  • Will do!! Thanks Alan! ;) xx

  • Don't you have a PayPal link for Thyroid UK?

  • no idea whatsoever .... check with louise at admin ---- she will be able to help ..!! if you wish to push the total up and are able ---- brilliant --- ....I am sure something could be done ====the site needs the funds =====.....I am only one that uses this site to my benefit .....as indeed most of us do !!!!....alan

  • I have just sent a missive to louise to contact you so she should be able to let you know how to 'KUM ON BORD ' with this venture.......and hopefully other worthy endeavours ......LoL alan

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