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Hello, I have a underactive thyroid. I was officially diagnosed in 1999. Since then my symptoms have progressively got worse. I  am desperately trying to get Armour.  My doctor is asking why if the medication is so good has it not been licensed in the uk.  He is concerned if he prescribes it to me he will not know how to monitor me I.e what tests he should be conducting. Any help would be greatfully appreciated.

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At least your doctor isn't dismissing it completely. When I suggested it I got a 2 page letter from my surgery detailing all the 'evils' of Armour. When I was first diagnosed I was quite upset but the gp more or less said 'pull yourself together - its very easy to treat' How wrong could they be?


LOL sorry that wasn't very helpful - I too am searching for a better way and have learned so far that Armour may or may not be the answer - look forward to other replies here....


well wouldn't say they are not dismissing it...maybe just buying time by asking me questions knowing I can't get them a satisfactory answer if any answer at all. They have absolutely no knowledge or understanding.


How much levothyroxine are you taking? It might just be that you are not on enough to make your symptoms go away. Do you have your last test results, this might give us a clue as to what is going on. TSH, FT4 and FT3 would be good to have, although I know the labs won't do FT3 if your TSH is in range - bit of a catch 22 situation.

There are other reasons why levo might not be working for you, have you had any other tests done for vitamin/mineral deficiences such as Vit D, B12, ferritin, folate, iron etc.

Before you jump ship on the levo, it would be best to know if all these are okay, including your adrenals, as Armour won't work either if these are not optimal.


Unfortunately my GP won't consider it unless the hospital endo will agree. Today's appointment was to tell me that the endo has said that levo is the best med and that he also says T3 does not have any impact and therefore he will not approve armour or any other unlicensed med. My TSH on 10 Sept was 0.01 and my T4 27.7. My levo dose was then reduced. But this is a continuing pattern. Next blood test will need an increase in levo. This has been the case for 8 years. Vit D and iron were low between feb-apr. Both are now within range. Thank you, thank you, thank you ladies for all your advice :-).


I'm not sure if this helps, but I was the same- they'd increase then reduce it. So the last visit to the hospital (years ago) I refused to reduce it. Had a lot of consultants coming into the room, when finally a lady consultant said how often do you miss taking it each week. I said a couple of days, especially when it's on the lower dose because I fall asleep before I get chance to take it i'm so tired. She left me on the higher dose.

Then 2 babies later (I now have 4!) I have seeked help from this brilliant site and all the lovely people here.

I've taken ferritin, folate, b12 and increased my dose further until I have felt well. I have now been on 200 mcg for 2 years and can honestly say I have just started to feel like I don't have anything wrong with me. My last bloods were 0.01 and T4 16. The doctors have no idea i've upped the dose, and say i'm on the correct amount! I don't bother to tell them, worry a little each time I have to have my routine bloods done in case they tell me there prescribed dose is too high but i'd just tell them i've been on a higher dose and i'll reduce that a little.

I'm not advising self medication. But i've suffered for 12 years, and only the last 2 have I felt normal.


Hi, have can you increase your meds, does your Doc not notice the increase when he/she does your prescription. I would love to up my dose, as I feel bloody awful, I'm on 100mcg for 5 years and blood tests report ok.


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