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Underactive tyhroid

I filled in a questionnaire to a doctor peatfield, and sent it off and took my tempeture for about a week morning and night, he wrote back that my tyhroid seems underactive as my temperature was mostly 36.2 or 4 . Anyway he wanted me to send my saliva specimen off to a lab which would cost me £100 I didn't do it as I was concerned if it come back positive, where would I get the perscription, my thyroid comes back normal when my g.p sent them off for testing, but it feel so ill, my eyes are burning iitchy and red , second infection in a month, I have no energy have panic attacks and walk funny as if I am going to collaspe, the doctor seems to think it anxiery disorder, so what do I do? I find it hard to do anything and I am depressed, I am seeing a pyschristric soon and then back to the hospital in march. Any information would be appreciated. Thankyou.

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Unfortunately the thyroid test normal range is very wide and many people are told their thyroid is normal when it isn't. Also GPs tend to only measure one or two of the hormones which doesn't give a complete picture.

Do you have the actual results that your GP said were normal? You can ask for them, with the reference ranges. If you pay them on the forum we may be able to point you in the right direction for getting help. Sometimes doctors can be convinced to trial thyroxine in borderline cases where the patient has symptoms.

It is also worth getting your GP to test serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, vitamin D and a random cortisol test. Something in these tests could be making you feel the way you do and also be compromising your thyroid function. If you pay the results of these on this forum, someone will be able to advise. Again with these tests, the normal ranges are often way off and you can be told you are normal when you are not.

You may wish to have a read of the main Thyroid UK website for further information about thyroid in general. Use the purple menu bar on the left of the site to navigate to what you wish to know more about.

I hope that helps a little.

Carolyn x

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Having read your previous posts I am wondering if you have Hashimotos ? Have you had the thyroid anti-bodies tested ? It may be good to have them done - also the FT4 and FT3 so you really know what is going on. The TSH tells you very little on its own. Could you have your tests done privately through Thyroid UK ?

B12 Deficiency would also give you similar symptoms ....

You will also need to add Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VitD to your list of they could possibly be low and not helping.

Was the saliva test for Thyroid Testing or Adrenals ? Have you had an appointment with Dr Peatfield ?

Your B12 result needs to be near the TOP of the range....


These blood tests are over a year ago. But they will give you some idea as I have been like tis for years but seem to be getting worse. Anyway serum free t4 level 11.7 serum tsh 6.08 which went back to normal 3 months later. Folate 8.6 ferritin 135.5. Itamin b.12. 445 . Fasting glugose level 5.3. Haemoglobin AIc level 37mmol/mol The doctor said they were all in the normal range.

Reply you have the ranges ? T4 looks low - TSH far too high - so what do you consider normal ? Ferritin looks high and B12 could be better.

When Docs say normal - they mean in range.

In my earlier post I also asked some other questions - perhaps you could answer them when you feel it could be helpful for people to help a little more....

Did you have a look at the link ?


I don't know the normal range for b12 I think it goes up to 800 . No I haven't got am appointment with doctor peatfield, I found getting through was a nightmare , and I would have to pay £100 for the andrenal saliva test, to a lab I have never heard of,the communication with doctor peatfield and his secretary wasn't very good, took weeks to get through so I have forgot about it, yes the tsh was high, but went back to 3 three months later, my doctor said it can rise when under stress. I. Would like to find a good doctor in essex where I can have all ny blood tests sorted out and treated.


If such a doctor existed, you wouldn't be able to see him, because there would be a queue stretching uo to Scotland. Unfortunately, if your own doc can't fix you immediately with an off the shelf medication, then its up to you to do some research and figuring it out.

www, is a good place to start and also the book written by dr a toft... Understanding thyroid problems, less than £5 from amazon. And the dr Peatfield book, your thyroid and how to keep it healthy.

Have a look at testing on the thyroid uk site to see if the lab. ( genova by any chance?) is listed there.

Age and health problems are advancing upon Dr Peatfied, who is long past retirement age. We have to be patient and persistent in order to book appointments.

X g


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