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Has anyone been to Dr Mark Strachan clinic? Looking for good endo in Scotland

I've heard of Dr Strachan in Scotland and was wondering if anyone could share their experience, in the forum or if you would be kind enough to private mail me please? Some people have been in touch and I'm trying to do research before I beg for an Endo referral. Seeing new Dr tomorrow and all hope on this. Many thanks in advance :)

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May have info on this - email me -



Anyone else responding, please do so by message, in order to protect the 'good' ones and to ensure we are not seen to be naming and shaming the rest...! Thanks


It would appear that he is based at the Western General, and his specialities are listed here, along with the other Drs. It is a public information site, nothing undercover :


He is speaking at the BTF conference tomorrow afternoon - "The Thyroid Gland and why it goes wrong" - perhaps come along and form your own opinion?


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