Anyone been to Ulster independant clinic endo for hypo/possible hashi?

I was diagnosed with subclinical hypo years ago and thrown some thyroxine by my gp, I am feeling more and more fatigued this past good few years, now symptoms bad enough to get private referral, I have increased thyroid antibodies and anti nuclear something is also slightly elevated. Has anyone went to th endo's in the Ulster private clinic? Been referred to dr mchenry. Can't see to find much. All info welcome!

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I have info on this - drop me an email! :)



Hi Louise,

Can I have info on that as well.


J x


You will need to send me an email - thanks! :)



Hi Louise,

Can I please have the info on Dr McHenry at The Ulster Clinic when you have time. No hurry,

Hi Nuala

The info I have is about a different doc at the clinic - sorry.


Didn't I already send you the Private Endo list..?

Will pop it over... xx



I am hoping to be referred to an Endo this week. Any recommendations for the Belfast / North Down area ? Thank you :-)

I can recommend a very good endo who works out of the Ulster and Hillsborough clinics. I'll PM you the details - although you may already have them as his details should now be on Louise Warvill's list.



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