My doctors put me on selenium x

My doctors put me on selenium x

Went to the doctor that's dealing with my graves and he has put me on selenium has anybody heard of them? Hopefully they will work as he said they will give me a better way of life.I was also hoping my thyroid doctor would let me go back to work but she has signed me off for another month.Will I ever be able to go back because of my eyes??

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  • Widely known, Widely taken in several forms of thyroid disorder. There is ongoing research into selenium and Graves.

    One paper might give you some idea:


  • Selenium is an accessable form of T3.

  • It most certainly is NOT!

  • I have Graves; Selenium deficiency is one of a number of nutrients implicated in Graves disease. I have never heard that it is, or has anything to do with, T3.

  • Selenium is one of the "chemical" elements of which all normal matter is made.

    As a supplement it will not be the pure element but a compound of selenium such as a selenite or selenomethionine.

    T3 contains not one single atom of selenium.

    Selenium contains not one single molecule of T3.

  • it's a mineral essential for your body to properly process thyroid hormones (it's good also to help your body to 'detox')

  • I have taken selenium supplements for over a year and can honestly say they have improved my energy levels and general well being. I am hypothyroid-on 50mg Levo. Without selenium I feel sluggish/tired etc but stick to recommended dose as if I take 200mg every day I get a little hyper somehow. Now on 100mg most days but up it to 200mg if got busy day ahead. Apparently pharmacists recommend 200mg every alternate day. Best Wishes.

  • I am also hypothyroid but on 75mg Levo. I have been on Levo for a year now and my thyroid is getting sluggish so am wondering if I should consider taking selenium. I dont have any other illnesses. Does your Doctor know that you are taking selenium as well?

    I only ask because my Doctor asked me not to go on any mineral supplements while taking Levo as it might affect the effect of the Levo.

  • My Doc doesn't know but I've read up on it and people on this forum have reported positive results. It helps with T3/T4 conversion apparently. Try it-but 100mg dose first -I take mine in the afternoon/evening. Some are 200mg doses but you need to try it out. My system is hyper sensitive so have to be careful. Please let me know how you get on-take care:)

  • Isnt it dreadful that we have to self medicate because our Doctors dont realise what it is we are suffering.

    Thanks for coming back to me - I appreciate your very fast reply.

    You take care too:)

  • Doctors do realise what is happening but they choose to ignore it in favour of the drug companies I think!!

  • Re: going back to work, you're very lucky to have such supportive doctor. Mine never so much as mentioned time off work, so I worked through my most active period of eye disease, and very difficult it was too. Give yourself time to relax - I found the only thing that helped was lots and lots of rest.

  • Hi my nutritionist put me on selenium amongst other things for graves eye disease, my eyes ar fairly normal now, hurrah. Its important to rest and not get stressed good luck

  • Hi Topher

    I have graves and my eyes were very badly affected, my eye specialist told me to take selenium for the eye disease as it helps the eye muscles. I took it for 9 months.

    Had other treatment along side it and my eyes are nearly back to normal.

    Hope you are better soon. Take care

  • did you know that brazil nuts are high in selenium I chop a couple up and put on my cornflakes and very nice too and they do help

  • ...I was under the impression that Selenium was able to support the immune system and keep free radicals at bay. Have been taking it for years and after reading Izabella Went's book .... Hashimotos - the Root Cause - I have upped my dose to 400mcg but will stop after 3 months and have a rest before re-starting. This was suggested to me by my Greek doc here in Crete when I first started. I take the Wassen one that now has added VitD !

    I was interested to read that it gives some people more energy. Selenium was naturally in the soil globally until over-farming became the order of the day.

    Do hope you feel better soon....

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